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If Hollywood Age Gaps Were Gender-Swapped

In movies, women are often paired with much older men. What if men were paired with women of the same age gap?

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Emma Thompson is just one of a number of actors who have sounded off on ageism against women in Hollywood.

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Thompson noted the prevalence of age gaps in movies, joking that they would "have to exhume someone to play my leading man."

To accomplish that age gap, Redford would need to be paired with an actress born in 1913, like Ellen Albertini Dow of Wedding Crashers.


If Nicholson had been paired with an actress with the same age gap, he would have been opposite someone born in 1911.

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Lucille Ball would have been the correct age, but she passed away in 1989, eight years before the release of As Good As It Gets.

That same gap flipped would put Carell with an actress born in 1942, such as Barbra Streisand.

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Streisand was 66 in the year Get Smart was released, and we're guessing she would make a great spy.


There's a 21-year age gap in Focus as Will Smith, 46, stars opposite Margot Robbie, 25.

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In the film, Smith's character is upset about developing a romantic relationship with a con partner, but somehow not upset about developing a romantic relationship with a girl who was born the year he could start legally drinking.

Flipping that gap would have required an 82-year-old actress, such as Debbie Reynolds.

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Elizabeth Taylor was also born in 1932, but passed away in 2011, three years before the movie.