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    25 "The Office" Memes And Gifs That Need Little To No Explanation

    Meme culture was BUILT on The Office.

    The Office is one of those shows that didn't get my appreciation until it was off-air. And when it was on Netflix, everyone was binge-watching it. From learning about fan-favorite characters, definitely, Michael Scott and Dwight Schrute, The Office is a comfort show. These moments-turned-memes and gifs will make you literally LOL.

    1. The infamous moment when Michael tried escorting staff out during a very-real fire alarm drill.

    2. When Dwight put on Meredith's wig.

    3. What about when Michael found out that Toby was returning to Human Resources at Dunder Mifflin?

    4. Or how we all think we look like on a shopping run, when in reality, we look like Meredith,

    5. And, anything Stanley does is meme-worthy.

    6. This meme relates to just about everyone.

    Stanley staring off into space.

    7. One of the many times that Dwight has answered the phone all seriously while hatching a plan.

    8. This meme explaining how we all eat.

    9. Michael's grimacing face matching the emoji. 😬

    10. The "Stress Relief" episode in The Office was an all-time classic, from Michael's fire drill alarm to Dwight rocking the test dummy's face.

    11. And receiving some wise words from Dwight after a break up.

    Dwight saying, "Life goes on" in the confessional

    12. Love a good pun!

    A boat saying, "That's what sea said."

    13. Jim's confused looks are timeless and can be sent in any text message.

    That first question is when you know if you should just take the L.

    @CollegeStudent / Via Twitter: @ColIegeStudent

    14. That look when you're finally asked out on a date by your crush.

    15. When Andy wanted to participate in the dance-off.

    16. The pressure is getting wesser!

    17. The "Dinner Party" episode was another iconic episode, especially Jan dancing to her former assistant's CD track while Michael just nods away.

    18. Michael just doing office things like flipping onto the couch.

    Michael saying "Parkour."

    19. When Kevin dropped the chilli that he tried hard not to drop.

    20. The episode we learned that Andy has serious anger management problems.

    21. When you try to be serious...

    22. Nothing we love more, than seeing Michael in love in the office, especially since it he had some office PDA.

    23. When I can't even finish my sentence!

    Michael laughing in his confessional.

    24. This happens like, all the time!

    Michael running in the street.

    25. That's why Apple maps exist now!

    Michael saying, "Thanks for the geography homework."