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83 Times Michael Scott From "The Office" Made Us Burst Out Laughing

"Dwight, you ignorant slut!"

You've seen The Office a few times...or maybe more than a few times. (We can relate.) So we can all agree that Michael Scott simply has the funniest one-liners that TV has ever heard.

Michael Scott and Jan clinking wine glasses

Each line is so delicious, you could say it has an "oaky afterbirth." Scroll to read some of the best quotes from The Office that are guaranteed to make you laugh every time.

1. When he wasn't at all worried about Roy attacking Jim:

2. When he said this gem of a sentence:

3. When he proved that he paid attention in history class:

4. When he explained what genre Spartacus falls into:

5. When he said this indisputable fact:

6. When he was greatly affected by the death of his old boss:

7. When he came up with the perfect username:

8. When he explained how he sees the world:

9. When he had yet to meet their new coworker:

10. When he knew exactly what happens during a colonoscopy:

11. When he made things get really dark really fast:

12. When he remembered one of Abraham Lincoln's most famous quotes:

13. When he understood how the law works:

14. When he understood the legality behind bankruptcy:

15. When he called Jim by his formal, birth-given name:

16. When he displayed how he earned that "World's Best Boss" mug on his desk:

17. When he totally insulted Dwight with this sick burn that we're still repeating to this day:

18. When he expressed how much he was not a fan of Toby:

19. Actually, basically every time he made fun of Toby:

20. When he screwed up his definitions at Phyllis's wedding:

21. When he displayed this expert business acumen:

22. When he really, really messed up the definition of what it means to be bisexual:

23. The time he mistook Dunder Mifflin for Hogwarts:

24. When he really didn't think this statement through, but he was so happy we didn't care:

25. When he had this totally not-work-appropriate comeback:

26. When he displayed his lack of understanding of geography and world history:

27. When he knew he was a Queen Bey in a world of Michelles and Kellys:

28. When he wasn't afraid to admit the truth:

29. When he fell for one of the oldest scams around, but wasn't aware of it:

30. When he had a reptilian-induced meltdown:

31. When he had this compelling legal justification:

32. When he basically spoke for us all with this statement:

33. When he unintentionally used this exceptional play on words:

34. When he tried way, way too hard to come up with this cinematic joke:

35. When he cooked up this avian pun:

36. When he demonstrated how to (poorly) take off a bra using Dwight as a model:

37. When he expressed his affection for the employees of Dunder Mifflin Scranton:

38. When he seemed to mix up a few adages:

39. When he knew about the hottest pizza spot in all of New York:

40. When he let us into his thought process:

41. And psychoanalysed himself to a level that we can all relate to:

42. When he let us all know about his "street" side:

43. When he mistook Gaga for Britney but simultaneously proved he was the only diva in town:

44. When he let us know his beliefs:

45. When he came back from Jamaica and really embraced the culture:

46. When he proved that we all make mistakes:

47. When he just wanted to see a turtle:

48. When he was comfortable in his skin and his love for Avril Lavigne:

49. When he encouraged his employees to stay on the right track:

50. When he had no problems with plagiarism:

51. When he was right in a way:

52. When he just wanted to party:

53. When he followed his dreams:

54. When he found the joy of online video:

55. But didn't quite understand how it worked:

56. When he definitely knew what this acronym meant:

57. When he was just totally off:

58. When he just wanted to be estimated:

59. When he proved he's a huge Shakespeare fan:

60. When he had the correct attitude towards adulthood:

61. When he just had a knack for slang:

62. And could without a doubt pull off everything, even the made up phrases:

63. Of course every time he pulled out his favorite catchphrase:

64. When he was a very bitter and thirsty Santa:

65. When he had a very good review of a chair:

66. When his mind was going so fast, that it was actually going slow:

67. When he didn't want to be anyone's goat:

68. When he overdid it once again:

69. And again:

70. When he got over-excited about the middle letters of a word:

71. When he was threatening, but not too threatening:

72. When he wanted to do something sweet, but had no clue what exactly he was doing:

73. When he was so, so, so, so, so close to saying the right word:

74. And when he was close to saying this phrase:

75. And this phrase:

76. When he was trying to be helpful, but missed the mark:

77. When he made things more sexual than they needed to be:

78. When he was wrong about the word but not wrong about the intent:

79. When he made this phrase kind of cute and then...introduced a shark into it:

80. When all he wanted to do was raise some money:

81. When things were double out of control for him:

82. And finally, when he wasn't the wine expert he thought he was:

83. To sum Michael up:

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