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14 Rom-Com Characters Who We Thought Were Great But Are Actually Awful

Hindsight always is, and always will be, 20/20.

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1. Julianne in My Best Friend's Wedding

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This film...made me so angry. I'm the FIRST person to stan a best-friends-to-lovers romance, but this was NOT THE WAY TO DO IT! MY GOODNESS. I hate to say this, because I love Julia Roberts with all my heart, but she was a grade-A dick in this movie. You had SO MANY CHANCES to tell Dermot Mulroney that you were in love with him — he even gave you a chance while y'all were on that boat! But no, instead of being the mature woman you're supposed to be, you went ahead and did all this immature shit that lose you your man who, frankly, after all these bullshit actions, you didn't deserve.

2. Nate in The Devil Wears Prada

20th Century Fox

Nate (Adrian Grenier) was an awful boyfriend. All he did was criticize Andy (Anne Hathaway) about her job, clothes, life choices, and unwillingness to eat $8 of Jarlsberg. He wasn't supportive and was focused more on how she was "changing" versus actually taking an interest in the changes she was making. And then, in the end, Andy did all the apologizing, when he was clearly the one in the wrong.

3. Mark in Love Actually

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Let's talk about this creepaleep for a moment, step by step: Mark (Lincoln) has a crush on his best friend's fiancée Juliet (Keira Knightley) and, instead of being a normal adult and moving on with his life, he decides to basically be an asshole to her every time she tries to talk to him, enough so that she's pretty well convinced that he hates her. Then he follows her around AT HER OWN WEDDING with a video camera shooting creepy, close-up footage of only her. THEN he has the ever-lovin' audacity to show up at her house on Christmas Eve and profess his love for her, like it's her job to deal with it. Control your own fucking emotions, Mark. You're a grown-up.

4. Juliet in Love Actually

Universal Pictures

Juliet is mostly just a victim of Mark's ridiculously inappropriate behavior, but my god, she actually goes and kisses him after that entire display? She cheats on her husband, the beautiful Chiwetel Ejiofor? Because Rick Grimes showed up on her doorstep with a low-rent Powerpoint presentation? Maybe she's not a total asshole, but she at least suffers from very poor judgement.

5. Noah in The Notebook

New Line Cinema

All I'm saying is if someone asks you out by threatening to kill himself if you don't say "yes," you should probably not go out with that person, no matter how many letters they end up sending you. How could Ally (Rachel McAdams) choose Noah (Ryan Gosling), who does nothing but insult her, over Lon Hammond Jr. (James Marsden), who does nothing but praise her? Noah is a grade-A douche, if you ask me.

6. Both characters in The Wedding Planner

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These two beautiful humans are awful. They're clearly into each other, but instead of telling their respective FIANCÉS — who are nothing but innocent bystanders in these two's illicit affair — they dick around for the entire movie and lead these people on! This whole ordeal could have been solved if they just admitted their feelings from the jump. Dick move, you two. Dick move. Y'all clearly deserve each other.

7. Daniel in Mrs. Doubtfire

20th Century Fox

First off, lemme just say that this movie is iconic and I love it. BUT, literally everything that Daniel (Robin Williams) does in this movie is PSYCHOTIC. He lied to his own wife and children and created an entire false persona to be around them, and wondered why on earth he would not be granted joint custody. Oh, and let's not ignore the fact that all he had to do was get his shit together and get a job and then he would've been granted custody after just three months.

8. Noah in When We First Met


If you haven't seen this Netflix gem, you missed out on one of the most entitled, shitty, "nice guy" protagonists in rom-com history. Noah (Adam Devine) is in love with his good friend Avery (Alexandra Daddario), who is about to be happily engaged to the perfectly nice Ethan (Robbie Amell). Despite having never expressed any of his feelings to Avery, and despite her having pretty clearly communicated on the night they met that she sees him as a friend and not a romantic interest, he decides to use an ACTUAL TIME MACHINE that he stumbles upon to change the past and make her love him. Like, don't bother trying to change any major catastrophes or anything. Nah, use time travel to get yourself out of the "friendzone." Sure.

Of course this plan fails, because it'd be endlessly creepy if it succeeded. But what's worse is that Noah discovers along the way that actually, now he's in love with Avery's roommate Carrie (Shelley Hennig), even though he barely even looked in her direction before. His affection for her is mostly based on her taste in music. Not even kidding. Maybe Noah should've used the time machine to make sure he was never born.

9. Jessica in Crazy, Stupid, Love

Warner Bros.

Jessica (Analeigh Tipton), who is 17 years old, gives nude photos of herself to Robbie (Jonah Bobo), who is 13 years old. That is incredibly creepy and weird...and hella illegal. She should be in jail.

10. Melanie in Sweet Home Alabama

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OK, listen. Love is complicated and I can see how Melanie (Reese Witherspoon) could reconnect with an ex and re-develop feelings. But let's talk about how Andrew (Patrick Dempsey) did absolutely nothing wrong! From his perspective, he proposed to his girlfriend whom he loves, then she went off on a quick trip home, and like a week or so later she was like, "Sorry, I'm getting back together with my ex-husband." I mean, damn. Not to mention, she just ~casually~ outed her good friend to a bar full of Alabamians. Not cool, dude.

11. Noah in The Kissing Booth


This dude was a fuckin' problem. Anger issues and red flags all over the place. Noah (Jacob Elordi) was apparently incapable of solving any confrontations without punching people. Like, yeah, he's protective of Elle (Joey King), and dudes are definitely being creeps to her, but let's not resort IMMEDIATELY to violence. Oh, and at one point after one of Noah's violent outbursts, Elle doesn't want to get in the car with him, to which he responds by PUNCHING THE CAR and yelling at her to get in the car. Don't get in the car!

Side note: This is the THIRD Noah on this list. What's with shitty Noahs in movies?

12. Dean in Overboard


Dean (Kurt Russell) is literally one of the most evil, awful characters to ever be in a rom-com. A rich person being mean to you is not an excuse to lie to her, take advantage of her HEAD INJURY and amnesia to convince her that she's MARRIED to him (even though she's actually married to someone else BTdubs), and essentially keep her prisoner in his house against her will, forcing her to take care of his children because he's a terrible father. What's worse, she sleeps with him later in the movie, under the pretense that they're a married couple, which they are not. In many jurisdictions (not to mention just, like, according to common sense), that would unequivocally be rape. So yeah. Dude's a rapist.

13. Alice in Home Again

Open Road Films

Alice (Reese Witherspoon) is very kind to let three aspiring filmmakers to stay in her guest house. That's nice of her! It's also fine that she begins a relationship with Harry (Pico Alexander). They're both adults! What's not okay is when she gives Harry a hard time for not showing up to some random dinner with her friends because he was at a VERY IMPORTANT WORK MEETING that could ENTIRELY CHANGE HIS CAREER. She pitches a fit over it! Like, nobody cares about you and your dumb friends eating al fresco under their pergola (because that's all anyone does in Nancy Meyers movies)!

14. Both Vanessa Hudgenses in The Princess Switch


Vanessa Hudgens plays two roles in this movie: Stacy, a baker from Chicago, and Margaret, the Duchess of Montenaro. Naturally, the two switch places and — also naturally — they fall in love the men in each others' respective lives. But these dudes were falling in love with someone who was lying to them the whole time! They COULD have absolutely told the guys about it, but instead they essentially pulled a double catfish. One of the guys is a prince and could've faced a major public scandal!

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