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  • 8 Hibiscus Drinks & Desserts

    Hibiscus is a beautiful flower which is known throughout the world, for it flowers in all tropical or sub-tropical regions. Famed for its large exotic petals and large style (the long staminal column) it has attracted the love of countries such as South Korea, Malaysia and The Republic of Haiti which have called it their nations flower. Not only a symbol of exotic beauty it is used for Ice Tea to Chinese Medicine. Hibiscus is a greatly under-appreciated flower which deserves the affections of people for its versatile uses in food and drinks as it carries many health benefits.

  • The 4th Of July Dessert Collection Of Recipes

    A star spangled collection of different types of pudding recipes from Cake to Pie all of which sparkle of the patriotic colors of Red, White & Blue. On items which have a recipe, click the picture for the recipe click-through link. All pictures are from the recipe and should tell you what it looks like.

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