The 4th Of July Dessert Collection Of Recipes

A star spangled collection of different types of pudding recipes from Cake to Pie all of which sparkle of the patriotic colors of Red, White & Blue. On items which have a recipe, click the picture for the recipe click-through link. All pictures are from the recipe and should tell you what it looks like.

1. Cake Is In The Air

The most prestigious and famous dessert ever, Cake.

2. The 4th of July Cake (Flag Sheet Cake)


24 servings
The most famous and simple July 4th cake. One layer with a mixture of berries such as blueberries and raspberries with a generous finish of butter cream. Nothing says Independence Day like the American Flag (or the amount of cream).

3. Red, White & Blue Layered Flag Cake


18 servings
A smaller yet similar design as the generic 4th of July cake but with a secret and overwhelmingly beautiful inner. It’s sweeter on the outside but oh-so sweeter on the inside! By Betty Crocker

4. Fourth of July Ice Cream Cake


12-14 servings
The patriotic ice cream cake with a mixture of strawberry and vanilla ice cream will keep anyone cool while celebrating.

5. Independence Day Wedding Cake


Reference and inspirational materials for this and 14 other cakes, can be bought online.
No recipe available.

Colette, famous for her bespoke cakes of fine and ever-so-detailed quality. Has designed and made this Independence day cake which would make a beautiful wedding day 4 tier masterpiece. As seen, it has a realistic feel yet fun and colorful glow. Visit Colette’s site to see more of her masterpieces and browse her books.

6. ‘Tart’ It Up

Sometimes cakes or other desserts just aren’t enough. God Bless America for Tarts!

7. American Flag Tart


Yields two 4-by-14 inch tarts.
Another recipe from Martha Stewart whose baking skills are divine. And for her love of America is very much so, as she has many patriotic inspired recipes and crafts.

8. Red, White and Blue Tart with Cookie Dough Stars


12 servings
There is nothing as beautiful as a tart which sparkles of cookie dough stars! Cookie dough is sure to be a winner this Fourth of July (and every other)!

9. Star-Spangled Fruit Tart


16 servings
The mixture of strawberries, raspberries and blueberries creates a fruity tone which settles gently on the velvet like tart creaminess. It also has beautiful presentation.

10. Don’t Trifle with America!

Independence day is a serious celebration, so do it justice with these recipes.

11. American Berry (Beauty)


10 servings
This American Beauty is not to be trifled with, with its rich cream and vast amounts of fruits it is sure to blow out any small crowd.

12. Berry Patriotic Trifle


6-8 servings
There is nothing more liberating then the freedom of being able to eat a rich and custard filled pudding such as trifle! The recipe even has delicate sugar stars.

13. Red, White and Blue Parfaits


Yields 12 Parfait Glasses
Patriotic parfaits, similar to trifles but with a more delicate flavor and smaller portion size.

14. Hello, Jell-o

Jelly can be versatile especially for Americas birthday as it can come in all colors of the rainbow and shapes!

15. Patriotic Gelatin Salad


16 servings
Sounds delicious, and is most certainly eye candy in its wibbly-woobly shape and color. Patchwork quilt not included but would make a delightful touch if you have one, as jelly is most certainly centerpiece material.

16. Fourth of July Jigglers


16 servings
Sweet jelly jiggling is so mouth watering, especially in a sandwich of multicolored and creme filled jelly.

17. JELL-O® Easy Patriotic Flag Dessert


16 servings
JELL-O American flags are realistic as the wobble of jelly is like a U.S.A flag flowing in the wind.

18. God Bless Cookies

Cookies are a gift from God, on independence day rejoice with the warmth of just cooked cookies and have a glass of milk.

19. Star-Spangled Shortcake


12 servings
Go out of Independence day with a bang with this shortbread!

20. Star-Shaped Shortcakes (Sparkler Heaven)


Yields 12 shortcake medleys
Like a firework, these cookies will dazzle you.

21. Patriotic Cookie Bouquet


18 servings
Cookies are like flowers, nurture cookies with an oven and it will grow and grow until it blooms into a beautiful finished cookie of bright patriotic colors.

22. Patriotic Barn Star Cookies


Yields 36 cookies, for the cookie recipe follow the Red Velvet Roll-Out Cookie recipes on the page
Star sparkled glory, delicate cookie stars with a well and in-depth recipe.

23. Fourth of July Cookie Pizza


12 servings
Cookie Pizza? Yes! Treat yourself to a wild mixture of berries (again) but on a cookie
pizza base, flour dough is so last century.

24. Stars and Stripes Forever Dessert


8 servings
Puff Cookie Pastry stars with a berry salad and whipped cream is all you need to have a good time in America!

25. Independence day of Cupcakes from Cakes

Cupcakes are not mini cakes anymore, they have declared independence.

26. 4th of July Cupcakes


Yields 34 cupcakes
Another Martha Stewart recipe, the queen of Independence Day! These cupcakes are fluffy like clouds.

27. Diana’s Desserts 4th of July Cupcakes


Yields 24 cupcakes
Diana’s cupcakes are to die for.

28. Nothin’ Says America Like Pie

Mama’s Pie, Apple Pie, Gramma’s Pie whatever Pie it is, it’s American. Well I have got a treat for you, 4th of July Pies!

29. Patriotic Pie Recipe with JELL-O


8 servings
Oh it has JELL-O and Pie, exciting!

30. Old Glory Cherry-Blueberry Pie


8-10 servings
Return to your old glory after eating this.

31. Star-Studded Blueberry Pie


8 servings
Golden and crisp, like fries, but sweeter!

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33. Thank You for Reading

Next week: The List of Americana, Olde Glory, Country, Cabin, Luxury; Patchwork Quilt Bedding.

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