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Take A Tour Of These Neighborhoods That Nailed Their Halloween Decorations

No haunted houses in your 'hood? TikTok has you covered.

If your neighborhood is lacking the Halloween spirit, these decorated homes on TikTok will fill the void.

Join me for a virtual trip around these Halloween haunts...and turn your sound on for the spookiest experience!

1. The decorations at this house get more mind-blowing as the video goes on:

A yard featuring a skeleton of a horse and many other skeletons

2. Disneyland or the house of a really big Halloween enthusiast? I'm not sure:

A castle illuminated with purple lights at night featuring skeletons and jack-o-lanterns

3. This eerie house has a whole village of the living dead in their front yard:

A yard full of goblins, ghouls and skeletons

4. This Halloween house is 30 years in the making and features a real casket:

A creepy doll holds an axe in front of a graveyard scene

5. This house is 🔥🔥...literally:

A house that appears to be on fire with a pirate skeleton in the foreground

6. The owners of this house are clearly big fans of Hugh Jackman based on their music choice:

A house lit up with neon faces on the garage and windows

7. This cute pink home is a Pinterest board come to life:

A home with a pink door with white and pink pumpkins outside and bat decorations

8. The web at this house is going to attract some pretty big spiders:

A home with a large spiderweb spanning two stories

9. This farmhouse gives Halloween a chic twist:

A stunning home with a porch full of yellow and red plants, pumpkins and a skeleton

10. The pumpkin carving party at this home has got to be pretty lit:

11. A Halloween Christmas tree? These people are lovers of all holidays:

A Christmas tree filled with lights and pumpkin ornaments

12. It's the subtle face on the house for me:

A home covered in red lights at night and a face can subtly be seen on the garage

13. This entire neighborhood went all out:

A spooky looking Statue of Liberty and Uncle Sam stand in front of Hellsir's Deli shop

14. Got pumpkins? This house does:

Lots of pumpkins are hung from a tree

15. This yard has a new theme every Halloween! This year it's haunted pumpkin patch:

Two skeletons wear 3D glasses while sitting in a pumpkin patch

16. This backyard has its own creepy carnival freak show:

A giant clown jack-in-the-box sits next to a popcorn machine covered in orange lights

17. I don't think anything else could fit in this yard:

A fake graveyard with skeletons popping out of the ground

Person in our neighborhood always got the best deco

♬ Theme from the Walking Dead - Bear McCreary

18. I'd hate to come across this yard late at night:

A yard filled with eerie gravestones, the grim reaper and other spooky people

A Halloween house in our neighborhood 🎃🖤😍 #az #foryou #halloween

♬ original sound - 𝒥𝒶𝓈𝓂𝒾𝓃𝑒 𝒱