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    33 Products For Anyone Who Is Just Really Damn Tired

    When's the last time you got eight hours of sleep?

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI β€” prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A travel pillow because you never know when the urge to nap will hit full force. Crafted from high-density memory foam, it'll provide full support while you're waiting to board your next flight. The outer sleeve can also be easily removed and washed!

    2. Or maybe a sweatshirt pillow hoodie when you need a bit of coverage to prevent people from striking up conversation on public transportation. The pillow can actually deflate so you can throw it into your bag when you step off the subway or bus.

    3. Visine eye drops for those days when your eyeballs feel like literal sandpaper from staring at your laptop or phone screen for too long. The lubrication can instantly soothe burning eyes for up to 10 hours.

    4. And! Blue-light blocking glasses so your eyes aren't absolutely killing you by the end of the work week if you do stare at screens too much. These will filter out harsh blue-light that may otherwise increase eye irritation and headaches.

    5. A pack of 16 Dermal Korea collagen sheet masks with Vitamin E to aid your skin's overall glow, elasticity, and tone. The pack consists of masks for different uses: brightening and clarifying, moisturizing and soothing, anti-aging, and line reduction.

    6. Caffeinated mints you can pop for a burst of renewed focus. They contain 40mg of caffeine per mint, so two equals an eight-ounce energy drink or cup of coffee. They are super convenient for on-the-go use when you're in the middle of a long drive or are heading to the gym after work.

    7. A mug that'll validate all the things you decided not to do and all the places you decided not to go to because you were exhausted. Plus you always look forward to your morning cup of java so you might as well have a beyond perfect mug to round out the experience.

    8. A Bodum French press to brew said necessary coffee and make you feel immensely better until you need your next cup. You don't need any paper filters or plastic coffee pods; just grounds and hot water will produce a delicious cup.

    9. A bag of lavender bath salt so you can soak your evening away after a long day of being, you guessed it, very tired! The lavender scent can induce sleepiness, while the sea salts can soothe aching muscles and soften skin.

    10. And to be totally comfortable while you turn into a prune, this bath pillow will provide the perfect place to rest your head. It features TWO inches of padded foam and seven suction cups so this baby for SURE isn't slipping on you.

    11. An enamel pin, because yes you are hella tired, but you're still no slouch. You can display it on a jean jacket or backpack so everyone knows you're still 100% capable of getting your ~ish~ done.

    12. And! A namas'tay in bed sticker so you can accurately display how you're feeling when you're in your 9 a.m. meeting. You may still have to present work, but at least your laptop gives everyone in the room some good insight into where you'd rather be.

    13. An essential oil diffuser to disperse the aroma of eucalyptus or tea tree once you've gotten home and can properly relax from that 8+ hour work day. It's a great way to diffuse tension before bed, filling your bedroom with lavender or peppermint to clear your mind and put you at ease.

    14. And to be used with your new diffuser, an essential oil pack that includes six different scents to try depending on your mood: lemongrass, peppermint, orange, lavender, eucalyptus, and tea tree.

    15. A Mario Badescu facial spray for mid-day hydration to help soothe tight, dry, and tired skin. With fragrant herbal extracts and rosewater, you'll look forward to this refreshing pick-me-up each and every day.

    16. Comfortable leggings to make the transition from couch to outside world possible and low-maintenance. Instead of throwing on a pair of jeans (yuck), you can stay cozy while running errands, picking up the kids from school, or heading to your afternoon class.

    17. A dual-speed white noise machine, because blocking out the sound of the human population to get a sound sleep (and therefore not be as tired) is vital. With this machine, you can fully control tone and volume for a personalized noise experience.

    18. Or an Amazon Alexa for personalized white noise when you're tired of listening to static.

    19. Insulated three-layer blackout curtains so you never have to deal with the threat of sunlight creeping in to disturb your much-needed slumber. They're also noise-reducing so if you live on a busy street, these are deff for you.

    20. A makeup remover cloth that only needs water to lazily remove everything at the end of a long day. No more sleeping in last night's makeup because you couldn't keep your eyes open long enough to remove your eyeliner and mascara.

    21. A six-quart Crock-Pot so you can make delicious food with practically zero effort. No one has the time or energy to meal prep when they need to catch up on sleep. Less time spent in the kitchen means more time to reboot and recharge your very low battery.

    22. Anker noise canceling headphones ideal for drowning out the busy, and often annoying, sounds of commuting. You're probably still waking up, you might as well listen to some of your favorite tracks before your day fully starts and you're forced into back-to-back meetings.

    23. A hair finishing cream to help tame those annoying baby hairs that surround your face when you throw your hair into a messy bun or ponytail. You don't have the energy to fully style your locks (or maybe even wash them, TBH), so you need a quick-fix.

    24. A motion-activated toilet light so you don't stumble around the bathroom in the middle of the night when all you want to do is go and immediately get back into bed. If you spend too much time up, you're suddenly awake.

    25. A set of Bed Bands to keep your fitted sheet in-place through the entire night, saving you from constantly tugging them down each and every time you climb into bed. Plus, they're adjustable to fit any and all bed sizes or sheet types.

    26. A foot massager that'll help bring relief to aching feet since chances are you've been up and about for way too long. It has six massage heads, three levels for height, and an easy access power button. You can keep it at home or bring it to your office. Need I say more??

    27. Or a handheld back massager with six speeds, six nodes, and six modes. This device will provide a deep tissue massage to restore tired muscles. Yes, please!

    28. A clip-on waterproof LED light for your pet so night walks aren't spent frantically searching for your pooch in dark. You just had a longgg day at work, you literally just need them to pee so you can go back inside and get into bed. The lights can also be clipped to a jacket, keys, or backpack for helpful illumination.

    29. A tub cover that'll add height to your bath water by suctioning on top of your overflow drain so you can finally soak comfortably at the end of a long day. You've been looking forward to this bath since you woke up, you want to be FULLY SUBMERGED in hot water, not freezing cold because the tub won't fill up.

    30. A jade roller for your face that can be massaged in upward and outward motions to help decrease puffiness around your eyes and improve dark circles β€” leading to an overall brighter complexion. If you don't get enough sleep, well, that can be your little secret.

    31. A lavender pillow spray, because a quick spritz before bed is the perfect solution to nighttime worries. It'll eliminate any ~weird~ room odors, leaving behind a fresh and light lavender scent that'll help lull you into a sound slumber.

    32. Maybelline Instant Rewind concealer with a sponge applicator tip that'll treat dark circles and under-eye puffiness so you never have to deal with that one coworker who greets you with an "are you sick?" when you walk through the door. NO, Susan, I'm just tired.

    33. A high quality foam pillow, because a good night's sleep means more energy throughout the day to successfully tackle life's toughest tasks. This ventilated pillow will keep you cool, won't need constant fluffing, and will mold to the shape of your head.

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