"Girl What Is GOING ON": 21 Hilarious Tweets About All Of Those Rumors Claiming A "Royal Announcement" Is Coming

    The royal family has managed to grip the internet in a way I haven't seen since the Titanic submersible.

    If you've been online at all in the last month, then you already know about the persistent rumors circling the royal family.

    In short, Kate Middleton has largely gone unseen for months (besides a blurry spotting in a car); the family seemingly tried to quell suspicions about her location by releasing a photograph of Kate, which ended up being photoshopped. And despite Kensington Palace insisting the Princess of Wales is away from the public eye while she recovers from abdominal surgery, the internet has ran with the wildest of conspiracy theories

    AND, throughout the mounting drama, King Charles III continued to make public appearances following announcement of his cancer diagnosis (which fueled questions about Kate's state). 

    Charles, William, and Kate Middleton smiling and engaged in a conversation outdoors

    However, if you thought things couldn't get more intense, you're sadly mistaken. This weekend, #RoyalAnnouncement started trending on X — formerly known as Twitter — following a few unfounded viral tweets about the BBC having an "announcement" regarding the royal family that they'd be dropping like a Beyoncé album release.

    Trending topics on social media: #RoyalAnnouncement with King Charles, and Buckingham Palace with over 12K posts

    To be clear, there is no current evidence to support claims that an announcement is pending, but that didn't stop netizens from fueling flames and suggesting the "announcement" may be of the King's passing. (Which, again, is based on no real evidence.)

    Closeup of King Charles and Queen Camilla walking outside wearing winter coats

    Before anyone knew what was happening, the rumor spread and spread and spread:

    (I'm just the messenger.)


    watching the royal conspiracy theories & memes go from Kate to King Charles in a matter of hours... GIRL WHAT IS GOING ON 😫 pic.twitter.com/xkxaiNdWje

    — Nicole Nichelle (@alamanecer) March 18, 2024
    Bravo / Via Twitter: @alamanecer


    The royal family social media intern watching in real time is switch from the kate middleton has a bbl rumors to king charles is dead rumors pic.twitter.com/BeQp5G1vP6

    — ‎ ‎ ‏ ‏ ۟ (@generictwhandIe) March 18, 2024
    Twitter: @generictwhandIe


    Kate missing. Charles probably dead. William is bald. Harry lives in America. We really need to abolish the monarchy.

    — Caroline Renard (@carolinerenard_) March 18, 2024
    Twitter: @carolinerenard_


    can’t wait for the uk to wake up and discover that on top of all the kate middleton drama, north america has now accelerated the dead king charles rumours 😭

    — hannah ☕️ (@vesperspush) March 18, 2024
    Twitter: @vesperspush


    do I think King Charles is dead? no. do I think it's hilarious that the Royals have lost all public trust in their word? yes.

    — ella dawson (@brosandprose) March 18, 2024
    Twitter: @brosandprose


    Kensington Palace’s biggest problem is that they never called Kris Jenner to help them with PR throughout this entire disaster #KateMiddleton pic.twitter.com/OXhe3Uktug

    — Jamie Lynn Vest 🍭 (@_CallMeJamie) March 17, 2024
    E! / Via Twitter: @_CallMeJamie


    Everybody checking twitter for the royal announcement #RoyalAnnouncement pic.twitter.com/RvOoZ4Q5Hw

    — Pizza Dad (@Pizza__Dad) March 18, 2024
    CBS / Via Twitter: @Pizza__Dad


    Queen Camilla after king charles died 18 months into his reign

    — Eman (@emi_eman_) March 18, 2024
    Paramount Pictures / Via Twitter: @emi_eman_


    "trending with trisha paytas" will never not be funny pic.twitter.com/0yhY3e2Qu3

    — katie (@katierozes) March 18, 2024
    Twitter: @katierozes


    earth is so unserious pic.twitter.com/2zl6iTgBuW

    — tyler oakley // schedule pinned (@tyleroakley) March 18, 2024
    Twitter: @tyleroakley


    It’s very funny that the Crown ended a year before the IRL Royal Family just PISSED through plot like it was a season of a Shonda show

    — Adam Sass 🌹🍇 (@TheAdamSass) March 18, 2024
    Twitter: @TheAdamSass


    oh my god BBC is going to announce Kate Middleton to Ferrari in 2025

    — emi (@maraneIlo) March 17, 2024
    Twitter: @maraneIlo


    Kate Middleton and King Charles rn pic.twitter.com/G49aEL2dDB

    — Katzilla (@teasingkat) March 18, 2024
    Miramax / Via Twitter: @teasingkat


    Did King Charles really pull an Irish Goodbye? 🤭

    — Jon Paul, Ed.D. (They/Them/Tired)🏳️‍🌈 (@DoctorJonPaul) March 18, 2024
    Twitter: @DoctorJonPaul


    Me refusing to go to bed until I get to the bottom of the King Charles rumors pic.twitter.com/Eo8xX9Oy6l

    — nathalie! at the disco (@natsfran) March 18, 2024
    E! / Via Twitter: @natsfran


    all of us refreshing the tl because king charles is supposedly gone pic.twitter.com/KX3IN26huR

    — Gabrielle (@backhandology_) March 18, 2024
    TikTok: nlwstfall / tiktok.com / Via Twitter: @backhandology_


    wow that’s it i guess. #RoyalAnnouncement pic.twitter.com/M3GN7aGLHv

    — tweets by cian™ (@CianOMahony) March 18, 2024
    Twitter: @CianOMahony


    Me, an American, trying to go to sleep while the population of Ireland are all riverdancing to the possibility that King Charles passed on St. Patrick's Day. pic.twitter.com/Mc9MOFbUx8

    — Akinorus 🍷 (@akinorus) March 18, 2024
    Twitter: @akinorus


    If Charles ain't dead, he will hear about all the preemptive celebrating, and that's enough for me.

    — Ashley (@ashleyeleigh) March 18, 2024
    Twitter: @ashleyeleigh


    If you are a monarchist, stay off that King Charles hashtag. pic.twitter.com/1Jb7BkAyOh

    — Michelle @maej43.bsky.social Jones (@maej43) March 18, 2024
    NBC / Via Twitter: @maej43


    King Charles waking up this morning— pic.twitter.com/OcMakFQbRd

    — Ralph Whoren (@amerik4nboy) March 18, 2024
    youtube.com / Via Twitter: @amerik4nboy

    So yeah, we've entered a new era for The Crown's inevitable revival.