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    Just 35 Pieces Of Loungewear You Can Get For Less Than $50

    Joggers, sweatshirts, and sherpas, oh my.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    Unless otherwise specified, all sizes in this post are listed in women’s.

    1. A two-piece sweater-and-shorts knit set I'm pretty sure might be your WFH uniform from now until forever. The style ensures that you won't overheat in your apartment (especially great if you can't control the heat), yet the style is professional enough for when you have to jump on a video call.

    2. A lace-back hoodie that's all business in the front until you turn around and show off that amazing party in the back.

    3. A sleeveless wide-leg jumpsuit you can wear now with a long-sleeved shirt or turtleneck underneath, transition it to spring with a T-shirt, and then on to summer on its own.

    Model wearing the wide-leg spaghetti strap jumpsuit in black and white tie-dye pattern to it

    4. A basic long-sleeve tee you really can't go wrong with because you can wear it with jeans, leggings, or sweats. Bonus: it's so soft that you may not even want to take it off before you go to bed at night.

    5. A racerback longline sports bra long enough to wear on its own — with high-waisted pants, of course. It's so soft and comfy, you may never want to take it off.

    6. A tie-dye crewneck sweatshirt so bright and fun you'll find yourself reaching for it in the morning when you want to be comfortable yet cute.

    reviewer wearing the sweatshirt with a purple and blue tie-dye

    7. A half-zip sherpa made with a high neckline and zipper for a bit of extra warm when you realize it's a bit chiller outside than you originally thought.

    model wearing the quarter zip with green and tan camo print and pink dots and pockets on the sides and quilted green section with a pocket on the right chest

    8. A cable-knit two-piece set with the power to make you feel so chic, even if nobody sees you in it except for your cat. (And cats are judgy, so they'll probably approve of this set.)

    Reviewer in the white cropped sweater and leggings set

    9. A mesh bralette combining the support of a wired bra with the comfort of a sports bra into one AH-mazing style you can wear every single day.

    model wearing the bralette with wide band in olive green

    10. A crewneck sweatshirt in a cute camo print for a sophisticated take on one of your favorite items in your closet. I mean, one can never really have too many sweatshirts. Trust me.

    11. An Out From Under square-neck jumpsuit so easy to slip on in the morning and make it feel like you're still in bed while also feeling professional enough to tackle your long to-do list.

    BuzzFeed editor Kayla Suazo wearing the mid-calf length jumpsuit in grey

    12. A tie-dye long-sleeved set in either a shorts style or long pants style that you'll love so much you'll probably convince all your friends to get their own set (or two), just like one BuzzFeed shopping editor did.

    13. Velvet leggings for a ~smooth~ addition to your wardrobe you'll be ~feeling~ for many winters to come.

    14. A puff-sleeve belted jumpsuit cute enough that you can (and totally should) wear it out of the house, yet comfy enough that you can wear it while you watch Bridgerton (again) and feel just as posh as everyone at the ball.

    model wearing the puff-sleeve jumpsuit in grey

    15. A pajama set to be the ~star~ of your wardrobe, because you can actually wear it 24 hours a day.

    Reviewer wearing the pajamas in grey with white stars all over them

    16. A fleece sweatshirt I can't ~lie-lac~ about; this color (and all the others) are super dreamy, so excuse me while I go add a few to my cart...

    model wearing the hoodie in lilac

    17. A pair of joggers with more than 28,000 5-star reviews raving about how soft and comfy they are.

    Reviewer wearing the joggers in black

    18. An alien patch sweatshirt you'll need to make ~space~ for in your wardrobe because it's a classic style with a fun added detail.

    19. A cropped hoodie and pants set to add some ~flair~ to your wardrobe and give you a super chic look to rock during your next movie night.

    Model wearing the cropped hoodie and flare pants in a ribbed fabric in taupe

    20. Joggers meant to be an upgrade to those ratty ones you've def been wearing for a few years too long. These will still feel just as good but have a little more of a sophisticated look.

    Reviewer wearing the black joggers with elastic waist and side pockets in black

    21. A tank made with a built-in shelf bra so you will feel supported without having to wear an added layer underneath.

    model wearing the high-neck tank in dark green

    22. A V-neck waffle knit dress you can wear when you want to be comfortable but don't feel like wearing leggings. Yes, those days do happen, and when they do, you'll be glad to have this in your closet.

    A reviewer wearing the knee-length dress in black

    23. A pair of joggers designed with the same look as sweatpants but the same material as leggings. AKA the best of both worlds.

    model wearing the high-waisted joggers in olive green

    24. A two-piece long pants and sweatshirt set combining style *and* comfort into one amazing set at an incredible price.

    Reviewer wearing the long-sleeved and long pants sweatsuit in pink

    25. A hoodie mini dress just begging for you to wear it at least once a week — no matter if that's with boots or sneakers.

    model wearing the mid-thigh length hoodie dress in pink

    26. A jumpsuit super easy to put on in the morning when you're half asleep and don't want to put much thought into an outfit. This jumpsuit will go above and beyond to make you feel cozy, chic, and put-together.

    27. A faux shearling quarter-zip jacket you can snuggle into on Friday night after a long week when you need a little extra comfort along with your favorite TV show.

    Reviewer wearing the jacket in pink with turtleneck-style top neckline and two large pockets at the bottom

    28. A camo poncho top to pair with your favorite pair of leggings for a fashionable lounge look your friends won't even ~see~ coming.

    model wearing the poncho in white and beige camo

    29. A matching set perfect for lounging around while also making you feel ~très chic~. When you pass yourself in a mirror you may even do a double-take and say, "Who's that secret Parisian hiding out in my house? Oh, that's moi."

    reviewer wearing olive green drawstring pants and matching sleeved crewneck sweater

    30. A tie-dye hooded sweatshirt pretty much perfect to wear at least three days a week because it's so comfy and yet so on-trend.

    31. A casual jumpsuit giving me big "comfy yet chic" vibes because it's basically an acceptable way to wear pajamas out of the house.

    Reviewer wearing the long-sleeved jumpsuit in brown

    32. A zebra-print sweatshirt to ~mix~ up your typical look and add a bit of whimsy to your loungewear.

    model wearing a crewneck sweatshirt with illustrations of zebras all over it

    33. A two-piece jogger set with a corseted waist for an added detail that will take your loungewear look the extra mile.

    model wearing the joggers and zip-up hoodie with corseted sweatshirt in green

    34. A wrap maxi dress that's essentially a really nice way to wear a robe around all day. Plus, you can totally put this on even if you're not leaving the house at all and feel super fancy lounging around like the royalty you are.

    35. And an empowered woman sweatshirt everyone will be asking where you got it from, so they can go and get their own.

    model wearing a black sweatshirt with an illustration of faces all over it

    Reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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