The 29 Most Important Twerking Moments Of 2013

A year defined by America’s new favorite butt dance.

1. The twerking in Miley Cyrus’ “We Can’t Stop.”

ID: 2065433

2. The 33 high school students who were suspended for twerking at school.

ID: 2065000

3. And the kids who weren’t suspended, like this kid twerking in geometry class.

ID: 2065112

4. Or these girls twerking in chem lab.

ID: 2065189

5. And all the unfortunate high school students that couldn’t twerk at prom.

ID: 2065301

6. Also, there was the girl who was publicly shamed by her mother for twerking at the school dance.

ID: 2065390

7. John Mangum, the twerking catcher for North Carolina State’s baseball team.

ID: 2064988

8. Demi Lovato’s brave stand against the onslaught of twerking.

ID: 2065371

9. And that time even Ellen DeGeneres learned to twerk.

ID: 2065377

10. This twerking turkey.

ID: 2065014

11. This twerking Miley Cyrus turkey.

ID: 2065023

12. Also, Miley Cyrus twerking on famous paintings.

ID: 2065034

13. This buff guy twerking pensively in his bathroom.

ID: 2065038

14. These very confused old people trying to understand what twerking is.

ID: 2064993

15. And this girl actually twerking on an old person.

ID: 2065116

16. Big Freedia setting the twerking world record.

Mike Hayes / BuzzFeed

Mike Hayes/BuzzFeed

ID: 2065055

17. These two girls twerking on subway tracks.

ID: 2065251

18. And Rihanna’s video for “Pour It Up.”

ID: 2065074

19. This woman twerking in a Panera Bread.

ID: 2065075

20. Also, this girl twerking in the pews at church.

ID: 2065197

21. Patrick Star being twerked on.

ID: 2065082

22. And “The Most Epic Twerk Fail of All Time.”

ID: 2065087

23. And, of course, the reveal.

ID: 2065094

24. The U.K.’s first Twerking Championship.

ID: 2065142

25. Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus’ song “Twerk.”

ID: 2065285

26. Oh, and whatever this is.

ID: 2065280

27. This twerking cat.

ID: 2065417

28. This twerking corgi.

ID: 2065145

29. And perhaps the most important twerk of all…

ID: 2065127

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