I bent my wookie!
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  • How Big Of A Sabofan Are You?

    Hey Sabofans, it’s been an awesome 2014. We’ve brought the funk to Harold Night and made Saturday night at Philly Improv Theater a weird and wonderful place with our fellow improv house teams (and rad friends). We performed at the Del Close Marathon and the Baltimore Improv Fest and worked our patooties off to be the best team we can be. We couldn’t have done it without your loving support…and laughs. Okay, mostly the laughs. To celebrate this awesome year with our friends and fans, we want to know just how BIG of a Sabofan you are! May the odds be ever in your favor.

    RachelSem a month ago respond

  • What Member Of Sabotage Are You?

    Saddle, up partners, you’re about to ride a horse named Sabotage. No need to worry, it’s a gentle steed. The kind of steed that will probably introduce you to a warlock and a few friendly bears, and then take you out for some Clams Casino. It’s a delicacy, trust us. You’re about to go on a mystical journey, so hold on tight. Find out which member of PHIT’s goofiest improv house team you are. The good news is, no matter what you’re a total babe.

    RachelSem 2 months ago respond