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    The Most Philadelphia Post To Ever Philly Philadelphia

    Yo! Welcome to America's fifth largest city. Our rough and tumble town is more than cheesesteaks, Rocky, and throwing snowballs at Santa. Here are some stone cold facts that Philadelphians know to be true:

    Whenever someone says "Born and raised," after you say you're from Philadelphia:

    You follow the Tao of Jawn

    You'd take a roast pork sandwich over a cheesesteak any day

    You only drink at bars that honor the Citywide Special (for less than $5)

    You always remove prepositions from your sentences, i.e. "Going down the Shore," "I'm done work," and "I'm going over Sal's house."

    It's only "South Philadelphia" if it's below Washington.

    You can name all of the Franks on the Dirty Franks mural.

    You know how to pronounce Bala Cynwyd, Conshohocken, and Schuylkill.

    You get all your best dance moves from the Phanatic.

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    It's also a life goal to catch a hot dog from the launcher. Who wants a t shirt from a cannon? Pshhht.

    You are also willing to wait in line at Chickie's and Pete's for some crab fries at the game.

    The last time you went to the Liberty Bell was on an elementary school field trip.

    You have a very strong opinion about this statue:

    You can't remember the last time you went out on a weekend in Old City or on South Street and genuinely enjoyed yourself.

    You know there is going to be traffic on 76 NO MATTER WHAT.

    You can tell if someone is a local based on the way they say "Passayunk" and "Lancaster."

    This is a completely acceptable way to spend New Years Day:

    You can spot a Penn student from miles away.

    You can and will hear the Eagles (sorry, Iggles) chant at any time of the year or occasion.

    (I've heard it at a college graduation and during the previews of a movie)

    You know that this is what a real soft pretzel looks like:

    The only person you trust to give you an accurate forecast rocks a bowtie like no other weatherman.

    Looking for a Fire Hall Wedding? NORTHEAST.

    And no matter how many tickets you get from the PPA, you always love Philadelphia, plain and simple. It's the jawn.