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The Most Philadelphia Post To Ever Philly Philadelphia

Yo! Welcome to America's fifth largest city. Our rough and tumble town is more than cheesesteaks, Rocky, and throwing snowballs at Santa. Here are some stone cold facts that Philadelphians know to be true:

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You get all your best dance moves from the Phanatic.

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It's also a life goal to catch a hot dog from the launcher. Who wants a t shirt from a cannon? Pshhht.

The last time you went to the Liberty Bell was on an elementary school field trip.

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But hey, we think it's pretty cool to live in such an historical city. The Declaration of Independence and the Constitution? YOU'RE WELCOME, AMERICA.

You have a very strong opinion about this statue:

Rocky is also on the list of things that are synonymous with Philadelphia, along with cream cheese, the Liberty Bell, cheesesteaks, and sometimes M. Night Shymalan.

You can't remember the last time you went out on a weekend in Old City or on South Street and genuinely enjoyed yourself.

Except for a few choice dives, these areas are avoided at all costs due to the overabundance of people from Jersey and Manayunk.

You can spot a Penn student from miles away.

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Have you seen the average Philadelphian? But hey, thanks Penn for continually having some of the country's best hospitals, doctors, research facilities, and business schools.

You can and will hear the Eagles (sorry, Iggles) chant at any time of the year or occasion.

(I've heard it at a college graduation and during the previews of a movie)

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