41 Little Things That Made Us Smile In 2013

Thank you, internet.

1. The discovery that there is a walnut that looks like Chewbacca.

ID: 2110611

2. The fact this happened on Countdown.

Channel 4
ID: 2036145

3. This uplifting London Underground sign.

ID: 2035935

4. This cat that looks like Guy Fawkes.

ID: 2035953

5. The penis-shaped church that someone spotted on Google Maps.

ID: 2035961

6. These movie posters improved by sloths.

ID: 2044809

7. The weird pixel glitch that gave Nigel Farage a Hitler ‘stache on BBC News.

ID: 2044318

8. This truly spectacular headline.

ID: 2036835

9. The Ed Balls meme.

ID: 2036853

Which ran and ran, and yet somehow never stopped being funny.

ID: 2036855

10. The sight of Game of Thrones’ Robb Stark on the Tube.

ID: 2036125

11. (Though Jay Z and Chris Martin commuting to their gig at the O2 was pretty special too.)

ID: 2036140

12. This flooring contractor/punning genius.

ID: 2036143

13. This chalkboard.

ID: 2036144

14. This Amazon review of Morrissey’s autobiography.

ID: 2036127

15. The discovery that Terry Pratchett wears this T-shirt to conventions.

ID: 2036146

16. This sticker.

ID: 2036981

17. Benedict Cumberbatch’s message for the paparazzi.

Matt Horwood / / Via
ID: 2036155

18. This sign, spotted in a Dublin branch of Spar.

ID: 2044344

19. These instructions on how to kiss a girl, from 1916.

ID: 2036166

20. This sign outside a pub.

ID: 2037025

21. And this one.

ID: 2035862

22. These kids who dressed up as Breaking Bad’s Walt and Jesse for Halloween.

ID: 2036138

23. The discovery that James Blunt is amazing at Twitter.

ID: 2110524

24. The time Lady Gaga hung out with Dot Cotton.

ID: 2035943

25. Private Eye’s take on the royal birth.

ID: 2035958

26. The guy who trolled Brighton with a series of fake planning notices.

ID: 2035865

27. When the #askGaryBarlow hashtag took a turn for the surreal.

ID: 2035868

28. When this golf club’s wartime rules — possibly the most British thing ever — went viral.

ID: 2035951

29. When three columns lined up perfectly in The Argus.

ID: 2110554

30. This Thor pun, which Charmin tweeted then deleted.

ID: 2035925

31. The Simpsons obsessive who actually built the Homer car.

ID: 2110679

33. This important news event.

ID: 2044336

34. These kitchen items, which only make sense after about five seconds of looking at them.

ID: 2044356

35. The phenomenon of mascots observing minute’s silences at football matches.

ID: 2044431

36. When the royal baby became a meme.

ID: 2110627

37. Cats, explained in one GIF.

ID: 2110652

38. The realisation that David Cameron looks like a cardboard box…

ID: 2110655

39. That Miley Cyrus looks like a horse

RCA Records/Scott Gries/Invision / AP
ID: 2110657

40. That bats turned upside down look like they’re having an awesome dance party…

ID: 2044322

41. And that this is the only Postman Pat GIF on the entire internet.

ID: 2110642

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