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    • FluorescentAdolescent

      This guy and his point of view makes me want to laugh, cry, and punch and wall simultaneously. Anti-gay marriage lobbies basically have only two very flawed arguments, which are ‘it’s against my religion’ and ‘but think of the children’. First of all, if you have to bring up religion in any political debate to back up your arguments, I’m sorry, but your opinion is not valid. There’s a little thing called separation of church and state that’s in place in Australia and a bunch of other countries that prevents you to use religion to deny human rights to people. Here’s the exact article of Australia’s constitution that I found after an incredibly complicated 10 seconds Google search : ’ The Commonwealth shall not make any law for establishing any religion, or for imposing any religious observance , or for prohibiting the free exercise of any religion, and no religious test shall be required as a qualification for any office or public trust under the Commonwealth ‘. Meaning, you don’t get to decide what’s right or wrong for a whole society based on your religion. That’s why you don’t see Muslims protest against stores selling alcohol or Hindus trying to shut down restaurants serving beef, because even if those are forbidden in their respective religions, they’ve wrapped their head around the concept of separation of church and state better than this asshole. Secondly, it’s been said again and again by multiple studies that gay and lesbian parents are as good (maybe even better) at raising children than heterosexual parents. If you need any source, just google ‘effects of being raised by gay parents’ and feel free to read the hundreds of article written on the subject. Plus, children not being raised by one mother and one father has been happening for centuries, whether it’s been the children raised by widowed men or women because of wars and epidemics or more recently, the children being raised by single mums and single dads due to divorces. Does this poor excuse of a human being also implies that these children brought up in ‘nontraditional households’ are somehow broken, or abnormal ? The only thing important is for children to have both male and female positive role models, and that doesn’t necessarily means a mother and a father, it could be other family members, teachers, fictional characters of books and movies… And OMG, this : ‘But the fact is, every child in a same-sex family structure has been taken from its biological mother or father ‘… JUST NO. Someone needs to explain to this grown ass man that gay people don’t come at night to snatch babies out of their cribs, they adopt the babies that HETEROSEXUALS WILLINGLY ABANDON (or they’re really their biological children btw, like from previous marriages or IVF etc). So stop using children as a way to further your homophobic and intolerant opinions, thaaaaaanks ! Anyway, rant over, because all this stupidy coming out of the mouth of one man is giving me a headache tbh. I really hope Australia will get their marriage equality one day ! Same sex marriage is legal in my country, and if that can reassure all the Bible-wielding morons who are against it, we haven’t been struck by heavenly lightnings and the ground hasn’t cracked open to swallow us all to Hell, at least not yet ;)

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