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    Which Obscure "How I Met Your Mother" Character Are You?

    Don't take this quiz expecting Ted or Marshall.

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    What's The Best Thing You've Seen As A Veterinarian?

    Tell us your funniest and most heartwarming tales!

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  • Rita Ora Wants To Re-Create 'Lady Marmalade'.

    And her selection of co-stars is quite random, but I think I like it.

  • 10 Tips To Have A Successful Marriage

    Oluwaseun Oyeniran; Theola Maxon; Susana Sosa; Emilie Emberton; Alexis Shaw; Araceli Medrano

  • 10 Things To Stop Doing If You Don't Want To Ruin Your Marriage

    10 things that can ruin your marriage & why you should stop doing them. By: Leah Clayborn, Manuel Oliver, Aura Perez, Madison Arbuthnot, Mckenzie Martin & Mackenzie Stahl

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    Are You More Country Mouse Or City Mouse?

    Wherever there's adventure, you'll find these two cousins!

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  • 10 Communication Styles Couples Should Have In Place Before Making A Long-Term Commitment By Ricki Goldstick, Allison Wengerhoff, Ashley Bakal, Lauren De Vries, Meghan Rettig, Jenna Ferguson

    These ways of communicating should be set in stone before couples engage in a long-term commitment to ensure their relationship will only get better.

  • Can You Match The Oscar Winner To Their Dress?

    To whom does the Oscar (de la Renta) belong?

  • 10 Steps To A Successful Relationship

    A relationship isn't easy, but here are some tips to help guide you to a healthier relationship. By: Bryanna Johnson, Monique Hannah, Kelly Chen, Sally Tran, Karen Wu, Xinwen Pi, Megan Barritt

  • Advice For Newlyweds

    Are you and your partner struggling in the relationship department? Heres some advice to increase the success of your marriage By: Katie Jordan, Rida Rashid, Emily Hwang, Zhanea James, Taylor Sneed, Ryan Wilton.

  • 10 Ways To Talk It Out With Your Partner

    Regardless of age, sex, religion or stage of your relationships, communication is key toa happy prosperous life. By Drew Sandberg, Monica Vinton, Zhen Zhu, Sydney Michael, Robert Cambalik, and Paul Koeller

  • Are You More Jeremy Corbyn Or David Cameron?

    One is evil incarnate, the other looks like a geography teacher.

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    What Misconceptions Are You Sick Of Hearing About Being Bi?

    Yes, it's a real sexuality. No, it's not just being greedy.

  • 16 Times Pam From "True Blood" Was A Master Of Cussing And Sass

    The leather clad queen of sass and honesty.

  • How Much Do You Know About Children's Television?

    A new exhibition plotting the history of children’s television is opening at Portsmouth Museum on Saturday, October 17.

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    Show Us Your Child's Gender-Bent Halloween Costume

    Who says your son can't dress like a Disney princess?

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    What's Your Favorite Thing About Fall?

    Cider-y autumn nights, we love you.

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  • Porn Madness And NHS Hard Times!

    If you are addicted to video games, online shopping or porn, tens of thousands of pounds to be spent on helping you. However 35,000 Doctors and Nurses could lose their jobs this winter. These 7 addictions are as mad as this proposal.

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    Which Halsey Song Should You Have Sex To Tonight?

    ♫ We wrote a story in the fog on the windows that night ♫

  • Stronger Tomorrow - An Anthem For The International Day Of The Girl Child

    Stronger Tomorrow, through its lyrics, establishes the fact that women are the makers of their own future, and the process begins with girls. The underlying message of the song for girls world over is that the world is theirs, and no one can take it away from them. Rendered from the perspective of Life, the song is a powerful assertion through art advocacy that women and girls, who hold up half the sky, have a rightful place under the sun, and that this is the foundation of a stronger future built on gender equality.

  • Moldy Cheese Day Is Over, But This Cheese Carries On!

    With National Moldy Cheese day over (09/10/15), it a shame all thing cheesy would do the same and these 8 chat up lines really do stink.