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    • chrisf48

      Blame it on No Doubt or blame it on Sublime, but by the middle of the 1990s, very little of the music that was described as ska had anything to do with Jamaican dance music of the early ’60s. Too many bands whose sole connection to the musical style had beenafew singles by the Specials or the English Beat got it all exactly backward, with the punk influences drowning out what little Jamaican influence remained: the result was basically Green Day with horns, and it wasn’t any good for anyone. It was all goofy band geek clowns playing bad circus music to createasoundtrack foracomedy basketball skit. Most third wave have next to zero soul. Hepcat, Aggrolites, Slackers andavery few others are excepted. They are the best in the business these days. It’s best to go back to the 60s stuff and work back towards today to stay on the honesty track. There is hope & soul left in ska, reggae & rocksteady.