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13 Charts That Perfectly Sum Up The Reality Of Planning A Wedding

Why is there glitter everywhere? Why is everything SO EXPENSIVE?

1. When you realize your fiancé knows nothing about what weddings cost:

2. When you realize wedding ~inspiration~ is a cruel joke:

3. Because it feels like everything costs more than it should:

4. When other people are The Actual Worst:

5. When you attempt your first DIY project:

6. When you vacillate between wanting to plan the wedding of your dreams...and just wanting to go to city hall to do the damn thing:

7. When you're making your registry:

8. When you don't know shit about flowers so you're just going with the flow:

9. When you spend wayyyy too much time designing your wedding website:

10. When you're trying to pretend your latest ugly-crying breakdown is just happy tears:

11. When you make the mistake of reading the comments again:

12. When you're a month out from your wedding and are v. worried about the important things:

13. When you look forward to your ~wedding night~:

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