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Willow Smith Released Her New Album And It's Cooler Than Life

Once again proving that she's got the mind of an immortal wizard.

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ICYMI: Willow Smith, 15-year-old professional hair-whipper, has been quietly dropping heaps of new music over the past two years (really, there's been a lot).

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Anyway, while recovering from whipping her hair every which way, she blossomed into the world's most mature, cool, chill teenager.

Last week, she teased us quite a bit on Twitter with what we could have only guessed to be a release date for her new album:


We started to really wonder which day she'd release her work, and on December 11, Willow finally blessed us with her album. It's called Ardipithecus, and includes songs like "IDK," "RANDOMSONG," and "dRuGz."

Roc Nation / Columbia

Willow wrote most of the album herself, collaborating only with her brother Trey and her friend JABS.

You can listen to the masterpiece below.
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