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A Guy Cut Out Some Of His Leg To See What Human Flesh Tasted Like

ALERT: Not for the squeamish.

Let's be real, as sick as it sounds, you've always been a liiiiittle curious as to what humans taste like, not in a creepy way. Well, Brit Lab's Greg Foot got to find out how delicious we might be, and it's super gross.

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OK, so first things first: In order to get the aromas right and match the taste of human flesh, you need a sample, and that means grabbing some muscle from Greg's leg.




Yummy. So, after analyzing the muscle fibers, scientists were able to see that Greg's leg was much like a chicken breast and had similarities to beef.



Greg then traveled to Nottingham to cook up his leg and study the smells it gave off.


BUT WHAT DOES IT SMELL LIKE?! Apparently it was a mix of red meats like lamb and pork. Greg still wanted to KNOW what it tasted like, so he created a burger using the range of meats his muscle was most like AND ATE IT.


The final verdict? It was pretty good. Would you ever try this ~humanesque~ burger?