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    31 Cheap Things From Target You’ll Probably Never Get Sick Of Wearing

    Because what's better than getting a bang for a fraction of the buck?

    Unless otherwise specified, all sizes in this post are listed in women's.

    1. A clutch big enough to hold your essentials. Since it's so versatile, this will instantly become your go-to bag for any outing.

    Blue clutch

    2. A pair of cropped wide-leg pants that'll be the only pant you'll want to wear when you're not in your loungewear. The springy color looks great with almost every article of clothing in your closet.

    Model in cropped wide leg pants

    3. A pair of toe loop sandals to keep at the door whenever you have to run out. The tortoise color is just as versatile as a nude or black sandal.

    Toe loop sandals

    4. A sleeveless hem knit dress so versatile you can wear this on the weekend, your next baecation, or even to sleep. You'll dream about this dress so much, you might end up buying it in every color.

    model in sleeveless hem knit dress

    5. A timeless, sleeveless dress featuring side slits to offer more room for movement. Basically, it's great for any day because you are always making *moves*.

    Model wearing sea green dress, goes past the knees

    6. A slim fit racerback tank perfect for layering all year long. It's so comfortable you'll be tempted to roll out of bed and carry on with your day wearing the shirt you slept in.

    Model in slim fit racerback tank

    7. A pair of high-rise paperbag shorts that look way more expensive than they are.

    Model in high-rise paperbag shorts

    8. A pair of slide sandals so cute and affordable, you'll want to buy them in every color.

    Slide sandals

    9. A pair of tapered pants that'll make you want to wear a pop of color everyday.

    Model in tapered pants

    10. A pair of two-tone heart earrings so cute, you'll love wearing them all the time. They'll instantly make any outfit look super expensive.

    heart earrings

    11. A long sleeve button-down shirt you can easily wear closed as a shirt, or opened over a tank as the popular "shacket." Two shirts in one for $20 is a big win in our book.

    Model in long sleeve button down shirt

    12. A short-sleeve T-shirt dress because everyone needs one in their closet. Great for going to the park, having lunch with friends, or running errands.

    Model wearing green dress, stops above the ankle

    13. A pair of French terry lounge shorts, so good your roommate will have to peel them off you on laundry day. From lounging at your house to Sunday brunch plans, you're always going to want to rock these.

    Model in french terry shorts

    14. A short sleeve boxy T-shirt so you can stop spending money on T-shirts that are basic and boring. This affordable one is comfy and cute.

    Model in boxy tshirt

    15. A printed slip dress with a square neckline that'll show everyone you are not playing when it comes to style in any *shape* or *form*. Just make sure to buy this dress in all colors, so you can get your point across.

    Model wearing black dress with a light floral pattern, goes past the knee

    16. A ruffle-sleeve linen top that makes a big statement, without putting a dent in your credit card statement. Good thing it looks good with denim and leggings — you're going to want to wear this everyday.

    Model in ruffle short sleeve linen top

    17. A pair of skinny strap flip flops that go with everything, especially your tie-dye sweats.

    Skinny strap flip flops

    18. A heart charm stretch bracelet you're never going to want to take off. It's lightweight but looks like a heavy and expensive piece of jewelry.

    stretch charm bracelet

    19. A knit tank dress because some days you just can't find anything to wear and this will come in handy. Pair this with anything and you will look amazing... promise.

    Model wearing orange dress, stops at the knee

    20. A pair of tie-dye joggers because you're not falling for over-priced tie-dye anymore.

    Model in tie dye jogger pants

    21. A pair of toe ring slide sandals more comfortable than designer sandals and for a fraction of the price. These will instantly become your daily errand shoe.

    Tie dye toe ring slide sandals

    22. A one-shoulder midi dress that'll add an effortless fashionista flair to your 'fit. Don't worry we already know you have style, this just confirms.

    Model wearing yellow dress that goes past the knees

    23. A pair of round sunglasses even cuter than the designer pair you spent over $100 on. You'll be giving off major cool girl vibes in these.

    Round sunglasses

    24. A puff long-sleeved square neck smocked top so versatile, it'll go with bike shorts, jeans and joggers. That's a whole lot of outfits you can create with a $20 top.

    Model in long sleeve square neck smocked top

    25. A sleeveless dress made with a ruffle hem skirt and adjustable straps. Great for the days you want to secure the bag without worrying about adjusting your outfit throughout the day.

    model wearing a blue floral print dress

    26. A pearl necklace to finish off any outfit. Even your pajamas will feel extra special when you go to bed at night wearing this beautiful necklace.

    Pearl necklace

    27. A pair of high-rise jean shorts because you can never go wrong with a pair of black denim shorts. They go with literally everything in your closet.

    Model in black jean shorts

    28. A round neck ribbed T-shirt that feels even more special than a basic T-shirt, without the price markup.

    Model in ribbed tshirt

    29. A pair of cargo jogger pants for when you decide to actually leave home and still want to look cute.

    Model in cargo jogger pants

    30. A cross-body bag because pink is a better color for an everyday bag than black. It'll pair nicely with your neons and pastel wardrobe for spring and easily converts from a cross-body to a clutch. Plus, it's only $12. Win, win!

    Pink crossbody bag

    31. And a pair of cat-eye sunglasses that'll easily make you feel like a celebrity, without the extravagant price tag.

    the cat eye glasses with tortoiseshell frames and gold details

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