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    36 Valentine’s Day Gifts For Your Significant Other That Are Actually Gifts For Yourself

    In the words of Samantha Jones, "I love you, but I love me more."

    1. A pair of sweatproof Bluetooth headphones so your partner stops "borrowing" yours when they want to work out.

    2. A cold brew maker that'll encourage them to make more coffee (which you also get to enjoy). Plus, you'll both save money on Starbucks!

    3. An expensive-looking wristwatch for reminding your perpetually late S.O. to show up to the movies on time. (I don't want to miss the previews, okay?!)

    4. Shaker & Spoon — a monthly cocktail subscription box any booze lover will be glad to recieve. And who will they share the finished product with? You, of course!

    5. A Fitbit with a silent alarm feature so they won't wake you up when they go on their 7 a.m. run.

    6. A kombucha starter kit that'll easily make enough brew for two. Plus, the probiotic cultures will literally last forever — like your love.

    7. An extremely cool Blade Runner–inspired umbrella (with a light-up LED shaft) because you never remember to bring one yourself and it's much more romantic to share an umbrella anyway.

    8. Conversation cards for learning new things about each other, whether you just started dating or have been in a relationship for years.

    9. An Instax Square so your boo can take amazing pics... of you.

    10. A low-maintenance countertop garden to provide them with an endless supply of fresh herbs, which equals homemade pesto for both of you to eat.

    11. A temperature-regulating comforter because you run hot and your S.O. runs cold. Now both of you can sleep comfortably without the need for two separate comforters!

    12. A smartphone clip-on lens kit for taking amazing couple selfies on your next trip.

    13. A silk sleep mask so they can go to bed early while you finish the last five chapters of a book.

    14. A couple's ring that'll make sexy time last longer and help both of you get there.

    15. A water-resistant portable speaker they'll probably leave in the shower... where you can use it to listen to your playlist, too.

    16. A bacon-curing kit because they love bacon almost as much as they love you. And hopefully, part of loving you means sharing the bacon they made.

    17. A Fire HD 8 tablet for binge-watching your fave shows together in bed.

    18. A set of long-distance lamps that'll light up simultaneously when touched so you know when your partner is thinking of you.

    19. A fancy Moleskin daily planner can help your partner get organized so they never forget important plans (like having dinner with your parents).

    20. EveryPlate — a meal kit subscription to make cooking at home so much easier. Neither of you has to go out for groceries so just spend quality time preparing and enjoying the food together!

    21. A splurge-worthy pillow because you're tired of them stealing yours!

    22. A bottle of Mike's Hot Honey for your spice-loving sweetheart who will definitely share it with the generous human who gifted it to them.

    23. A faux-fur coat you can have joint custody over since neither of you can decide who looks better in it.

    24. A sleep sound machine to 1) help your partner get better rest and 2) drown out the sound of their snoring so you can also get better rest.

    25. A Nintendo Switch that'll be so much more fun with two players.

    26. A heated massager because sometimes your partner has a sore neck but your hands are tired and you just want to watch The Office.

    27. A box of chocolate hedgehogs (with delicious hazelnut-flavored centers) you'll most likely eat half of. (Sorry not sorry, babe!)

    28. A custom map wall rack to hang all their essentials on so they'll stop asking, "Hey, did you see my keys?"

    29. A scented candle that can be used as a moisturizing oil when melted — a great excuse for giving each other massages.

    30. An odor-absorbing stainless steel bar for your S.O. who loves fishing or cooking with garlic. No more stinky hands!

    31. A knit beanie you'll definitely be stealing — I mean, borrowing — from them.

    32. An oversized throw blanket big enough to cover two people so you can snuggle up.

    33. A cookbook for two so they can experiment with yummy new dishes — and you get to be the taste tester.

    34. A bottle of Poo-Pourri for banishing unpleasant fumes from your shared bathroom.

    35. A cast-iron skillet that might inspire them to bake a giant cookie, which you'll be glad to help them finish.

    36. An activity bucket list scratch-off poster to give them plenty of ideas for future dates.

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