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22 Signs You Will Forever Be A Chelsea Fan

It's a hard life, when everyone hates you. But it's a burden we choose to bear. Our greatest curse, and our greatest blessing. We are the famous CFC!

whaleyg 6 years ago

This Prank Will Drive Your Friends Crazy

Everyone hates that the iPhone shows people when you're texting them. Now you can make your friends think you're typing out a text forever. Thanks to this site.

whaleyg 6 years ago

WTF Geoguessr!??!!

GeoGuessr: A game that drops you into a random place in Google Street View, then makes you guess where you are in the world without zooming out. Here is a collection of some where-the-fuck-am-I moments, courtesy of Geoguessr.

whaleyg 6 years ago