10 Popular Culture Entities That Fall Into The Wombat Category

Actually, it’s just 10 wombats. God dammit.

1. This is a wombat.

Look at this vicious predator on the prowl, having recently found itself in an unnatural habitat.

2. They can be found in the wild, generally hitching rides from oblivious tortoises.

Poor turtle.

3. These bloodthirsty beasts have developed an appetite for human.

Don’t be fooled by how cuddly they may appear.

4. No joke, this guy is just asking to get eaten.

Little did he know that rubbing the tummy of a wombat is a sign of aggression.

5. Just look at this wombat attempting to tear off this guy’s leg!

This particular piece of wombat “footage” had a rather abrupt ending.

6. Shortly after being featured here, this man lost a finger.

3 guesses as to how, and the first two guesses don’t count.

7. Man vs. Wombat.

Guess who won…

8. There are those who believe that incarceration from birth could solve the rampant wombat violence that has plagued the land.

Poor souls.

9. Oh how wrong they are.

So very, very wrong.

10. RIP, human.

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