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Keep The Fam Happy With Walmart’s Quick Festive Meals Without The Backbreaking Effort

Keep the holiday magic going with fancy festive meals and none of the hassle.

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That weird time between Christmas and New Year's or right after the holidays often means you're too beat to put in the effort of cooking for the whole fam. Well, you don't have to worry about that 'cause Walmart's got your back with easy meal solutions! "Tell me more," you say?

dinner of chicken and mashed potatoes

Cozy dinner ideas like Cantonese chicken or shrimp linguine pasta where half of the work is already done for you ensure you can still whip up holiday magic in the kitchen — without all the backbreaking work. It's all low-effort, simple preparation and fast cooking time. Plus, most of these meals are $20 or less!

Check out some delicious options that'll impress your fam:

1. A bottle of hoisin sauce you can brush on chicken breast for some flavorful Cantonese chicken that you can serve up with fried rice. No need for Chinese takeout!

2. A beef broth and some ready-made Spanish-style rice for the perf picadillo that'll complement your Latin American–inspired dinner night!

the beef broth

3. A plate of udon stir-fry noodles that'll be ready in under two minutes so you can surprise the fam with swift and speedy, but super-delicious Japanese cuisine!

the packages

4. Some irresistible iced gingerbread cookies to sweeten everyone's mouths. Just pair them with steaming cups of hot chocolate and you've got yourself a perfect Christmas dessert!

the package

5. A can of diced potatoes and diced tomatoes for days you'd rather not spend your blood, sweat, and tears cutting, chopping, and dicing at the kitchen counter.

6. A mouthwatering frozen Southern pecan pie your fam will clamber over. The homey taste will def have them reminiscing about their childhoods.

the pie

7. A Thai-style spring onion rice noodle soup when the fam's craving some Thai. You can prepare this in just three minutes (with no need to chop onions). So if it's Thai they want, it's Thai they'll get!

the dish of rice noodle soup

8. A 16-ounce package of linguine and shrimp so you can get a scrumptious shrimp linguine pasta on the table with ease.

the pasta box

9. Some red wine, cranberry apple juice, and orange juice to celebrate the best time of the year with a hearty holiday wine punch.

glass of cranberry apple juice

10. A box of instant mashed potatoes for an easy and yummy side to chicken, veggies, and any other leftovers that are in the fridge.

plate of mashed potatoes

11. A delectable bottle of honey citrus marinade to introduce some fast, new, and tasty flavor to your smoked pork chops. Yum!

12. A pack of ginger beer to refresh the fam's taste buds after a meal and even help settle nausea and upset stomachs!

the package

13. A 40-piece box of milk chocolate cordial cherries. In a pinch, all you need to do is whip out the bag and toss a few onto everyone's plates.

the package

14. A package of organic tri-color quinoa for an easy way to beef up your soups and stews if you're trying to get them to be a little nutrition-conscious over the holidays.

the package

15. These fully cooked chicken breast pieces you can toss into a steaming plate of stir-fry or cool salad — dinner complete!

the can

16. These tasty jalapeño cheddar cheese instant grits for some spice and a taste of everything nice!

the box

Check out more of what Walmart has to offer by browsing their meal solutions and food section or visiting a Walmart store near you.

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