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This Guys' "Dad And Storm Trooper Kid" Totally Won Halloween

This guy dressed up as a dad, taking his child, dressed in a Storm Trooper costume out for fun on Halloween. I won't get into how freaking awesome and meta this costume idea is, but rather, let's appreciate their adventure together. Let's call this costume, DAD VADER.

Eardnov 4 years ago

13 Sea Creatures With Names That Double As Sex Positions

The names behind these animals are hardly scientific. They're raunchy, saucy, and downright scandalous. Which one is going to become your new fav sex position? Prepare to give "Under The Sea" a whole new meaning.

Eardnov 4 years ago

What Kind Of "Dad" Are You?

Are you the Dad in your friend group? Do you get called "daddy" a lot? Are you an actual father? Find out here.

Eardnov 4 years ago

Which iPhone Iteration Are You?

Deep down inside, we're all iPhones. Which one of the ten iterations of the smartphone are you?

Eardnov 5 years ago

14 Reasons Why 2014 Was "The Year Of The Booty"

Let's not kid ourselves, 2014 was undoubtedly The Year of The Booty. We were Obsessed With It. Pop culture turned our eyes to every derriere we came in contact with. NSFW because booty.

Eardnov 5 years ago

The 8 Stages Of Rihanna Withdrawal

The world of pop music is desperate for the release of Rihanna's eighth studio album. It's actually making some of us sick. How far gone are you? #R8!

Eardnov 5 years ago