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20 TV Geeks Who Are Actually Cooler Than All Of Us

We could all earn a thing or two — or three — from these guys and gals.

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5. Tobias Fünke - Arrested Development

Netflix / Via

Tobias is a strange, misunderstood man. He's responsible for some of the best quotes in all of Arrested Development. Everything he says is a beautifully crafted double entendre.


10. Chelsea Daniels - That's So Raven

Disney / Via

Chelsea is far from air-headed. She's great with animals and knows everything there is to know about nature. She's also a fantastic friend who doesn't use her gifts to meddle with other people's lives. *cough cough Raven!!!*


17. Professor Utonium - The Powerpuff Girls

Cartoon Network / Via

Professor Utonium literally created life from a bunch of spices. And the freaking lives he created were little girls with superpowers. Thank you, Professor Utonium.

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