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18 Celebrities Who Have Opened Up About Their Sexual Identity

"I get made fun of for coming out at 30 — and make fun of myself — but I didn't have examples growing up."

1. Lil Nas X

2. Hayley Kiyoko

3. Ricky Martin

4. Bowen Yang

5. Billy Porter

6. Dan Levy

7. Janelle Monáe

8. Sarah Paulson

9. Margaret Cho

10. JoJo Siwa

11. Rebecca Black

12. Kristen Stewart

13. George Michael

14. Demi Lovato

15. Bella Thorne

16. Sam Smith

17. Miley Cyrus

18. And finally: Lilly Singh

Obviously, there are more than 18 celebrities who identify as part of the LGBTQ community and have spoken about their sexuality! Tell us whose coming-out experience touched you personally in the comments below!

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