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    27 Cleaning Products That Are Basically Just Little Miracles

    You'll be whistling while you work!

    1. A hand-held pet hair remover that'll solve even the hairiest problem. With no sticky strips, you can reuse this roller over and over (and over) again, no matter how much your cat sheds on your favourite sweater.

    2. A natural goo-removing pen that reviewers say works way better than other, more expensive brands. Thanks to the potent blend of essential oils, stripping sticky residue has never been easier.

    A close up of a person using the pen to clean sticky residue off a glass bottle

    3. A slim silicone toilet brush that'll help cleanse your porcelain throne of any gunky buildup (even the stuff hidden under the rim). The tiny fronds are super gentle, so you won't scratch up your facilities the next time you do a deep clean.

    A flatlay of the toilet brush to show off its unusual flat, curved shape

    4. These foaming Mr. Clean Magic Erasers that'll make your dingy bathroom sparkle and shine. Like their OG cousins, they're super tough on grime and dirt. In just a few swipes, hard water stains and other bathroom muck will disappear like magic.

    5. This professional-strength odour eliminator that'll help fight all kinds of stink and stains. Whether your fur baby dropped a lovely hairball on your brand-new rug or peed on your furniture, this spray's got your back.

    A person sprays the odour eliminator onto a plush, high-pile rug

    6. This travel-sized shoe cleaning kit that'll clean leather, suede, canvas, and even finicky nubuck. The formula, made of coconut extracts and jojoba oil, is gentle on skin and leather, and ~wildly~ effective at removing stains, scuffs, and grime. Your shoes will look almost as good as the day you bought them.

    7. This soap-dispensing brush that'll tackle baked-on food and gross pet bowls with ease. This tiny scrubber is slip resistant (even when wet), has tough nylon bristles, and it won't leak soap all over your counter, either.

    An overhead photo of a soapy metal pan with the scrubbing brush next to it

    8. A portable UV light that'll sanitize your frequently-used surfaces in a ~flash~. It also emits a low level of ozone that'll help neutralize offensive odours.

    The bullet-shaped sanitizing light sits next to a faucet

    9. A glassware brush that'll reach right down to the bottom of tall cups and wine glasses. Reviewers say it easily removes lipstick and water stains from delicate glassware, and can even be used to scrub pots and pans (without damaging any non-stick finishes).

    10. A set of four beaded sponges that'll help clean the gunk out of your reusable bottles. A quick shake of these scrubbies will dislodge any residue or gunk currently residing in your drinkware.

    11. This cast iron care set that'll help get your pricey pans looking basically brand new. It'll help you remove stubborn rust stains, season the iron, and give it a good ol' fashioned scrubbing, so your cookware will last for years and years.

    A flatlay of the cast iron cleaning set inside a large clean cast iron pan

    12. These jewelry wipes that'll restore your bling to its former glory. They'll safely clean gold, silver, and gems, and even give your costume jewelry a ~zhuzh~, too.

    A close up of a person using the cloths to wipe a gold ring clean

    13. This laundry egg that'll get your clothes and linens looking brand-spankin' new. This guy is packed with chemical-free cleaning pellets that'll help you ditch harsh detergents and powders for good.

    The open egg on a pile of laundry with the cleaning pellets spilling out

    14. A pair of dusting gloves that'll help clean all the dust and other junk off of surfaces in your home — just wipe your hands over the dirty surface, and voilà! Clean as a whistle.

    15. A cute scouring flower that'll help you fly through dish duty. It's made of sturdy, odour-resistant silicone, so you can say goodbye to stinky dish rags.

    16. This magical makeup-erasing pen that'll help you perfect a crisp winged liner. It's packed with chamomile and vitamin E, so it won't irritate your eyes if you accidentally give your peepers a poke.

    17. This grout-refreshing colourant that'll make it look like you just redid your bathroom (sans the hefty price tag). It'll protect your grout from future stains and is completely waterproof, so it won't rinse off the next time you run your shower.

    18. A pair of deep-cleaning brushes that'll help you de-gunk all your nooks and crannies. They have grippy handles, meaning they won't slip out of your grasp (even when wet).

    19. This cleaning goo that'll suck up all the dust and crumbs from between the buttons on your keyboard. Reviewers also love how easily it tackles grime in weirdly-shaped spaces, like car cup holders.

    20. This stainless steel cleaning spray that'll help you polish away fingerprints and smudges. Reviewers say it removes everything from grease to watermarks in under five minutes, so you won't have to spend hours cleaning.

    A person holds a bottle of the cleaning product in front of them

    21. A Scrubbing Bubbles toilet stamp that'll keep your porcelain throne looking (and smelling) fresh as a daisy, while minimizing chore time in the process. It's super easy to use, too — just stamp it into your toilet bowl and get on with your business!

    22. Or, if you prefer to go ~au naturel~, these organic toilet bombs that'll lift dirt and grime from the bowl. They're infused with anti-septic tea tree oil that'll kill bacteria and leave your bowl smelling fresh (and not like bleach).

    A trio of hearts on a wooden board

    23. An electronic brush cleaner that'll help you say goodbye to gunky makeup brushes. All it takes is 10 seconds to restore your brushes to their former fluffy glory!

    24. This screen cleaning kit that'll get your devices gleaming like new. The odourless formula is alcohol and ammonia free, so it won't stink up your phone, but it'll still eliminate up to 99.99% of all germs and gunk on your screens.

    25. A stove cleaning kit that'll make your cooktop look brand spankin' new in moments. Apply the cream to your stove and give it a few minutes to sink in and work its magic. Then it’s just a matter of scrubbing it off with the built-in sponge tool, and presto! You've got yourself a sparkling cooktop.

    26. This magic scuff eraser that'll help clean up suede and nubuck like nobody's business. You don't need any water, either, so there's no mess.

    27. And finally, a spinning mop and bucket system that'll make cleaning your floors a lot easier. It has a built-in wringer, so you won't end up splashing dirty water all over your place when it needs a rinse.

    Dirt, grime, and messes don't stand a chance.

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