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    Just 12 Things You Should Probably Try In July

    Because we tried them for you in June!

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A couple of beauty product spatulas that'll help you get the verrrrrry last of the product out of those deep bottles you can never seem to reach. No more throwing out product when there's still stuff in there.

    Kaysey Davis/BuzzFeed

    "There is nothing more frustrating to me than seeing a significant amount of product at the bottom of a jar or bottle and not being able to get to it. I used to cut open containers of body lotion, which is an annoying and sometimes painful process when cutting through hard plastic. Sometimes I would just throw away bottles of foundation or moisturizer even though I knew there was still product inside.

    But now that I have this set of beauty spatulas I won't ever have to do that again. I love that they come in two sizes. The regular spatula is great for medium to large sized bottles like lotion, shampoo, or conditioner. It's long enough to get to the bottom of the containers and the end of the handle is on an angle so you have more control. The mini spatula is perfect for makeup bottles. I used it all the time when the pump on one of my serum bottles stopped working. I figure after using these spatulas for a few months, I've probably saved more than a few loonies and toonies on makeup and skincare. Plus, it's super satisfying to see how much product comes out. I knew there was more in there!" —Kaysey Davis

    Get a two-pack from Amazon Canada for $9.28.

    2. This travel-sized shoe cleaning kit that's specially designed for leather, suede, canvas, and even finicky nubuck. The formula, made of coconut extracts and jojoba, is gentle, easy on the hands, and ~wildly~ effective at removing stains, scuffs, and grime. I'm not joking — your shoes will look almost as good as the day you bought them.

    Victoria Kuglin/buzzFeed

    "When I first got myself a pair of crisp white Birkenstocks a few years ago, I was thrilled — for about five minutes. And then life happened, and they went from being a gorgeous summer sandal to a dingy, grey shoe I was desperate to hide.

    I was introduced to this shoe-cleaning kit by total accident, during a shopping trip with my boyfriend, where he bought it in the hopes that it might revive some less-than-fresh pairs of his own. (Sorry, babe — I couldn't resist trying it first!) And y'all. It's honestly magic. I splashed a generous amount of the all-natural cleaning solution into a bowl of warm water, and dipped the hog-hair brush right in. A few scrubs later, my lovely Birks were restored not just to a wearable level, but to near-new status. The entire kit is designed for suede, nubuck, and leather shoes, so I knew I wouldn't have to worry about damage or lifting of dye. And since this pocket-size wonder contains enough ingredients to clean over 50 pairs of footwear, I'm convinced it was totally worth it. BRB while I clean every single pair of shoes I own." —Victoria Kuglin

    Get it on Amazon Canada for $28 (other items from this collection also available).

    3. A Scrubbing Bubbles toilet stamp that'll actually clean the toilet for you every time you flush, so you can cross that gross chore off your to-do list, thank goodness.

    Alice Prendergast/BuzzFeed

    "Do you hate cleaning your bathroom? Like, a lot? Boy, oh boy, do I have the product for you: the Scrubbing Bubbles toilet stamp! This baby will save you from getting down on your hands and knees to scrub down your toilet bowl, because it does the work with every flush. Using it is simple: load the gel cartridge into the stamper and click the button to apply the gel sticker to your toilet bowl. It's actually really satisfying to use and I'm happy to report it works, too! It keeps my toilet smelling fresh and saves me from having to scrub away gross build-up on the bowl, meaning I have one less chore to do every week. This is the definition of working smarter, not harder, people!" —Alice Prendergast

    Each pack comes with 24 stamps and each stamp lasts about 12 days.

    Get it from Amazon Canada for $9.98.

    4. A bottle of Sunny Isle Jamaican Black Castor Oil, which will help renew hair growth, so your hair, brows, and lashes will look fuller and more luscious. You have to use it consistently, but you'll be rewarded with gorgeous results.

    Imaan Sheikh/BuzzFeed

    "I have allergies, so I end up vigorously rubbing my eyelashes and losing them in chunks. I bought this to treat bald patches on my scalp, brows, and lashes, but didn't use it consistently. But for the last 15 days or so, I've been applying this to my lashes with a mascara spoolie, and it's made a significant difference! My lashes are visibly thicker, filled in, and more conditioned. They don't come off in dozens when I'm washing my face or wiping off eye makeup. It's also wonderful for brow growth— mine got so forest-y in a week of use, I even stopped using it as much. I highly recommend this for anyone with sparse lashes or brows!" —Imaan Sheikh

    Get it from Amazon Canada for $37.83.

    5. A peppermint roller that works within seconds to make all my aches and pains go away, and smells pretty damn good while doing it.

    A hand holding a tube of Peppermint Halo Headache Remedy
    Sarah Rohoman/BuzzFeed

    "I was SUPER skeptical of this product at first. One day while browsing in Saje for essential oils for my diffuser, a sales associate came up and offered to roll some Peppermint Halo Headache Remedy on my neck to try out while I browsed. I figured, why not? Within less than a minute, I was shook by how well it worked. I was so impressed I bought one that day, which is very unlike me.

    Since I've been working from home my neck has been bothering me a lot, but within seconds of rolling this under my hairline, over the back of my neck, behind my ears and on my temples, the aches just melt away, leaving behind a cool sensation. The peppermint smell also helps to perk me up during my 3 p.m. slump and helps me to refocus, while the lavender and rosemary notes help me calm down if I'm feeling anxious." —Sarah Rohoman

    Get it from Saje for $28+ (available in two sizes).

    6. A bottle of John Freida Frizz Ease Dream Curls foam and a bottle of Aveda Confixor liquid gel, because curly hair should be celebrated (and sometimes it's too hot to use a blow dryer, tbh).

    Kat Angus/BuzzFeed

    "For the first time in my entire life, I've decided not to blow out and straighten my hair, instead opting to actually embrace my hair's natural waves and curls. I always thought I had kinda crappy waves that had no decent pattern or shape to them, until I actually did some research into my curl type (2c/3a) and how to look after them. I eventually found the John Freida Frizz Ease Dream Curls foam and the Aveda Confixor liquid gel, which have worked wonders for me. After I shower and my hair is still soaking wet, I rake a few of pumps of the foam through my hair, then scrunch the hell out of it. After that, I plop my hair for 30 minutes to an hour, scrunch in some liquid gel, and let it air dry; when it's ready, I scrunch out the gel and I'm left with amazing curls I never knew I had! I still have a lot to learn about the Curly Girl method, but I love the progress I've made so far, and I have John Freida and Aveda to thank." —Kat Angus

    Get the John Freida Frizz Ease Dream Curls foam for $7.97, and the Aveda Confixor liquid gel for $34.56, both from Amazon Canada.

    7. A set of resistance bands that'll give your legs and booty the at-home workout you've been chasing ever since the gym closed down.

    The set of three peach bands lying on a workout mat
    Alice Prendergast/BuzzFeed

    "I, like most people who aspire to have a butt that looks like the peach emoji, love a glute workout. Squats, fire hydrants, hip thrusts - you name it, I'm doin' it. Since I haven't been able to go to the gym for the last few months, I thought it might be time to invest in some home workout gear to make these moves a little more challenging. I didn't want to use rubber-y versions of the bands, because they would always roll up my legs and get all sticky when I got sweaty.

    Enter: Peach bands. These are made of thick fabric, meaning they don't slip and slide around while I'm jumping around in HIIT exercises. They're also super comfortable and the three resistance levels work perfectly for different types of moves (for example, I use the heavy band for squats and the light one for kickbacks). You can also use them to help with mobility, if your arms are feeling a bit stiff." —Alice Prendergast

    Get a set of three bands from Amazon Canada for $34.99 (originally $42.99).

    8. The Sharkninja handheld vacuum, which will make vacuuming up dirt, pet hair, and general messes a much easier task than usual. It might actually seem kinda, I dunno, fun?

    Sarah Aspler/BuzzFeed

    "Vacuuming my apartment has always seemed like a boring, clunky chore to me. I have a big vacuum, but I only really use it once a week to do the carpets. But since I got a SharkNinja handheld vacuum, it’s become an easy, daily activity for me. You could use it on bigger messes if you want, but I find it particularly useful for cleaning dirt off baseboards, dog hair off my couch, and crumbs off the kitchen counter. I used it just yesterday after I was transplanting some plants into new pots! It has a hands-free emptying button, and I also really love how it’s lightweight, fast to charge, and has a decent amount of suction. I’ll be honest and say that I actually look for excuses to use it, because it’s so satisfying." —Sarah Aspler

    Get it from Amazon Canada for $174.71.

    9. A flexible phone mount that'll clamp onto basically any furniture and let you browse the internet or watch videos with ease, without exhausting your arm or putting a crick in your neck.

    Kaysey Davis/BuzzFeed

    "I'm a total klutz when it comes to holding my phone. I can't tell you how many times I've dropped my phone on my face while video chatting with friends and family, even if I use the phone grip on the back of my case. It feels awkward holding my phone up, and my arm eventually gets tired after keeping that position for an hour. But this phone mount was a game changer. The mount is wide enough to clip onto my headboard, and I can use it on different pieces of furniture in my house, like my desk or shelf. Plus, the holder stretches open really wide, so it'll fit any phone.

    I can rotate the holder from a vertical to a horizontal position and the flexible neck makes it easy to change the position of my phone to any angle. I usually keep it in my bedroom, because I don't have a television and I like to sit in bed and stream videos on my phone. But I've also been using it a lot when I video chat with my sister and best friend and play Animal Crossing. We can chat and see each other but my hands are free to play." —Kaysey Davis

    Get it from Amazon Canada for $19.99+ (available in two colours).

    10. A vibrating face cleansing brush that's helped improve the appearance of my adult acne and made my skin much less oily.

    Sarah Rohoman/BuzzFeed

    "I've always struggled with acne due to some hormonal stuff, and although it doesn't necessarily bother me in terms of my appearance, it does sometimes frustrate me when I use a bunch of pricey products, only to see another angry cystic breakout on my chin.

    I recently tried out the FOREO Luna Play Plus portable facial cleansing brush, and I've noticed it's made a difference in terms of the overall condition of my skin. I still get some spots, but they're not nearly as angry or painful anymore, and the overall quality of my skin is much better. It really cleared up the congestion I didn't even realize I had around my forehead and nose. It's also a lot more gentle than I expected it to be, which is great for my sensitive skin, and helps get rid of even the most stubborn waterproof mascara. Plus, I don't have to buy replacement heads ever!" —Sarah Rohoman

    Get it from Amazon Canada for $59 (available in seven colours).

    11. A super hydrating facial moisturizer that'll help even out your skin tone and texture, and protect your complexion from sun damage in the process. Plus, the tiny, light-diffusing particles will give you a gorgeous, lit-from-within glow the second you swipe it on.

    Victoria Kuglin/BuzzFeed

    "I started using this moisturizer in my teens, when my skin would freak out at the drop of a hat. I found that a lot of skincare products that allegedly helped with tone and texture were actually harsh, drying, or just plain ineffective. But Aveeno really got this one right! It smells great and absorbs right into the skin, so you're never left with a greasy or tacky feeling on your face. Even though I sometimes change up my moisturizer, I inevitably come back to this one, and within a week, my skin always (ALWAYS) looks good enough that I feel confident going makeup free. And if I do decide to dress up my face, it's an awesome base since it makes my skin look — and feel — velvety-smooth. And don't even get me started on the built-in SPF! I am the WORST at remembering to put sunscreen on, so having it in my moisturizer is a true blessing. If I could shout about this moisturizer from the rooftops, I would!" —Victoria Kuglin

    Get it on Amazon Canada for $19.97.

    12. A can of Dr. Scholl's Odour Destroyers Sneaker Treater, which will banish all stinky odours from your favourite footwear, no matter how sweaty your feet got in them earlier.

    A bottle of the sneaker spray, with a pair of un-stinky sneakers in the background
    Alice Prendergast/BuzzFeed

    "Hello, my stinky-footed friends, let me introduce you to the new love of my life: Dr. Scholl's Odour Destroyers Sneaker Treater. I am one of those horrible people who leaves their house wearing shoes without socks (I know, I know, this is a horrible habit, but I will not be changing my ways anytime soon). Luckily, I found this stuff to save my front hallway from smelling like a locker room. You simply spray down the insides of your shoes and the stink magically disappears (like, within minutes). Not only does this save me a fortune on Febreeze, but one bottle lasts a while — like, you only need to give your shoes one spritz for some serious magic to happen." —Alice Prendergast

    Get it from Amazon Canada for $6.67.

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