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Can You Make It Through This Post Without Getting Your Entire Life?

Something in this post should make you yell "YAAASS!" What will it be?

1. The way this dad's eyes light up when his daughter calls him "da-da."

2. These fly-ass med students.

3. This handsome honey-dipped honey dip.

4. This footage of Olympic athletes Vince Matthews and Wayne Collett ignoring the national anthem during their medal ceremony to protest America's treatment of blacks.

5. This statement on the power of simply existing.

6. The feeling of seeing yourself in the things you love.

7. This ovulation-inducing shot of a beautiful brown baby dancing.

8. This powerful picture of a mother feeding her daughter on her graduation day.

9. Nicki Minaj's dedication to keeping kids in school.

10. This fantastic re-creation of the Proud Family intro.

11. This children's book that desperately needs to exist in real life.

12. This fire shout-out to #BlackLivesMatter.

13. Every single thing about this picture.

14. Janelle Monae on the importance of representation.

15. This GIF of Angela Davis righteously entering a room.

16. This tender moment between power sisters Serena and Venus Williams.

17. This completely gorgeous man dancing with his completely adorable son.

18. Prince making sure that the truth stays told.

19. The breathtaking beauty of Janet Mock and her handsome fiancé.

20. This completely appropriate reaction to white male patriarchy.

21. Marsai Martin's early acceptance of who she is and how she was made.

Twitter: @cailamarsai / Via

22. This timelessly flawless photo of Solange's wedding party.

23. Each and every time Rihanna tells it like it is.

24. These bridesmaids SLAYING.

25. This shot of D'Angelo and the Vanguard repping the #BlackLivesMatter movement on Saturday Night Live.

26. This precious reincarnation of the fierce Grace Jones.

27. This gooooorgeous couple jumping the broom at their gooooorgeous wedding.

28. This picture of Jada Pinkett Smith's 61-year-old mother, aka living proof that black don't crack.

29. The breathtaking beauty of melanin.

30. And Kendrick Lamar's passionate proclamation of self-love.

You got your life, didn't you?!