Black Fashion Moments Of '90s And '00s Films That Influenced The Culture, But Most Importantly, Me

    The best Black fashion moments have come from Black cinema of the '90s and early '00s.

    Black people have unequivocally influenced fashion, culture, and music. The reverberations of this influence are documented throughout cinema. Many iconic Black movies of the '90s and early '00s set the fashion and beauty tableau. Fashion of the '90s could be considered timeless, as pieces like crop tops, high-waisted jeans, thick black belts, gold hoop earrings, and chokers are all in style today.

    1. Boomerang

    Black women and men stand on a stage in formal wear

    2. Strictly Business

    Black man is on his knee in suit while Black woman in a leather jacket sares at him intently

    3. Poetic Justice

    Black men and women are on a lawn looking at what is going on around them, with smiling and curious facial expressions

    4. Set It Off

    Black women pose in front of a blue 1962 Chevrolet Impala Sport Coupe

    5. Boyz n the Hood

    Black men standing near blue 1971 Volkswagen convertible and one sits on the hood of the car

    6. A Thin Line Between Love and Hate

    A Black couple embraces each other while sitting underneath a tree

    7. B.A.P.S.

    Three Black women smile wearing collared shirts

    8. Eve's Bayou

    Two Black women pensively think as they walk down forest path

    9. Waiting to Exhale

    Two Black women sit next to each other, giving each other a knowing look

    10. The Preacher's Wife

    A Black woman is walking out of a store in winter attire holding a shopping bag, while a Black man leans against the store front window

    11. Romeo Must Die

    A Black woman and Asian man smile and hug standing in front of a fence

    12. Brown Sugar

    Black man and Black woman sit on a park bench smiling

    13. Deliver Us from Eva

    Black women sit around a Black man on a lawn chair by the pool

    14. Johnson Family Vacation

    An older Black man and teenage girl look curious in a mall setting

    15. Two Can Play That Game

    Black woman smiles in a yellow suit holding black bag

    16. Seventeen Again with Tia & Tamera

    Black twin sisters sit in front of computer one is reaching her arm over a white notepad stacked on top of a blue binder