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Interracial Love in a Time of Racial Tension

With Trump preaching racism, People of Color being shot in the streets, and #BlackLivesMatter protesting, interracial love may be more tense than ever.

Traci-Anne Canada • 2 years ago

Taking Care of Your Mental Health in the Wake of Tragedy

While activism is a very important part of changing they world, taking care of yourself and your mental wellbeing is also important. Here are a few tips to maintaining balance.

Traci-Anne Canada • 3 years ago

Shocking Captain America Comics News SPOILERS

This post contains spoilers, so be warned. Captain America revealed to not be the All American Hero previously portrayed.

Traci-Anne Canada • 3 years ago

5 Podcasts To Listen to ASAP

That dreaded drive in traffic to work can be made more bearable with the right podcast. Which is the right one for you?

Traci-Anne Canada • 3 years ago

How Well Do You Remember The FULL "The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air" Theme Song?

Most people remember the shortened theme song, but do you remember the whole thing? RE: BUZZFEED APPLICATION

Traci-Anne Canada • 3 years ago

Racism in Fandom Pairing Preferences

Fandom applauds itself for its progressive stances on sexuality, but often at the expense of race.

Traci-Anne Canada • 3 years ago

Tyler Posey, A Real Life True Alpha

Tyler Posey isn't just a cute face. He is constantly working on any one of his passions, from acting to charity.

Traci-Anne Canada • 3 years ago

Whitewashing The King Of Pop

Joseph Fiennes opens up about playing Michael Jackson in an upcoming short film and I, and many others, aren't pleased.

Traci-Anne Canada • 3 years ago