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5 Podcasts To Listen to ASAP

That dreaded drive in traffic to work can be made more bearable with the right podcast. Which is the right one for you?

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With Welcome to Nightvale and This American Life having become household names, podcasts have risen in popularity. This is a list of five podcasts of varying topics to keep you entertained on your drive to work.

Scriptnotes / Via

1. Scriptnotes

Technically this is a podcast "for screenwriters and things that are interesting to screenwriters" but Craig Mazin (screenwriter for Hangover Prts 2 and 3, The Huntsman: Winter's War, Identity Thief) and John August (Big Fish, Charlie's Angels, Frankenweenie, Titan A.E.) talk about so much more. From the crazy year Craig was Princeton roommates with Ted Cruz to women's reproductive health, Craig and John will keep even non-screenwriters laughing.

Lore / Via

2. Lore

Do you love mythology and folklore? Lore explores the history behind some of the darkest and scariest urban legends. Well researched and thoroughly spooky, I recommend listening to thins one at night for the brave of heart, and during the bright light of day for the more timid.

Shipping and Handling / Via

3. Shipping and Handling

This is a podcast geared to aspiring novelists, but, like Scriptnotes, it is so much more. Bridget and Jennifer drink wine and talk about television, books, and whatever else has captured their attention. And if you love to read in groups, they have recently started a bookclub that you can follow on Twitter with the hashtag #SHBookClub.

Fansplaining / Via

4. Fansplaining

(disclaimer: I was recently briefly featured on an episode on race in fandom)

This is a fangirl's (or fanboy's) dream podcast. Flourish and Elizabeth discuss all things fandom related, including fanfiction stats, history of fandom, and memes. Always open minded and fun, this podcast is a must for fans.

Doin' It Raw / Via Twitter: @rawpodcast

5. Doin' It Raw

A rated-R podcast by Tyler Posey (Teen Wolf, Yoga Hosers) and his former body double, Tyler Schnabel, is a mess of whatever crosses their minds. As the title implies, these boys have no filter and will cut almost nothing out in edits, for better or for worse. They happily discuss, life in the film industry, mental health, music, and so much more.

TED Talk / Via

6. BONUS: TED Talks

This is motivational podcast is just the thing to get you pumped and feeling that can do attitude. Not everyone has the time to sit and watch recordings of the world famous TED Talks, let alone afford to actually go to see them live. This podcast is the perfect alternative.

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