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Shocking Captain America Comics News SPOILERS

This post contains spoilers, so be warned. Captain America revealed to not be the All American Hero previously portrayed.

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The world for Captain America fans was shaken to the core today. I, and many others, were excited when a new issue of Captain America was released during his 75th anniversary, only to feel betrayed, not only by the Captain, but by the comic book producer we all love. The story starts off telling us that now more than ever America needs two Captain Americas then, in a twist straight out of Agents of Shield, Steve is revealed to have been a Hydra agent all along.


While readers can complain that this is lazy writing, since it is basically the same plot twit from Agents of Shield when Agent Ward did the same thing way back in season one. But there are bigger issues with this reveal than that. Fans are rallying against Hydra!Steve being a turn against what he was created for and a spit in the face of what the fans were hoping for in the future of Steve.

Yeah, @Marvel, let's be EDGY & make Steve Rogers a Nazi. Spit on the graves of his Jewish creators, Joe Simon & Jack Kirby, while you do it.

Amy Rosenbaum / Via Twitter: @simplebookworm

When Captain America was created in 1941, it was by Joe Simon and Jack Kirby, two Jewish comic book artists, as a direct response to the Nazis. The very first issue's cover was a picture of Cap punching Hitler in the face. There is no way the message that Steve Rogers stood against Nazism could be any clearer. Even Steve's looks were created to be an Aryan wet dream: tall, blond, blue eyed. A model of "perfection," but this was supposed to be an even bigger and long lasting middle finger to Nazis.

Marvel / Via

Fans are devastated at the news that the comics have essentially turned their backs on everything Captain America has stood for. This is doubly hurtful to Jewish fans, queer fans, and fans of color who would be what the Nazi based Hydra would be against. How are these fans supposed to feel that a favorite character is now part of an organization that hates them? Fans have already denounced Cap and some refusing to buy any more Cap merch, or wear the ones they already own, until this is "fixed."

Wow, @Marvel. Way to make all the Captain America merch you've sold in the last five years now seem super-weird to wear and use.

Chris Thilk / Via Twitter: @ChrisThilk

It is ironic that this reveal is coming in the wake of the very popular #GiveCaptainAmericaABoyfriend, a concept so popular even international networks, such as BBC3, has gotten into it. Fans wanted a shake-up in Captain America, but more to the tune of taking the canon chemistry between Steve and Bucky into a canon romance.

We saw that #GiveCaptainAmericaABoyfriend was trending on Twitter and thought... doesn’t he already have one?

BBC3 / Via Twitter: @bbcthree

If Marvel was trying to be edgy and controversial by making Cap a Hydra agent, they went about it the wrong way. While being queer is not edgy, it would have been a different portrayal of a beloved character while subverting the frequent (and true) complaint that almost all the frontline Marvel characters are cis straight white men.

There are some who want to wait and see what Nick Spencer and Jesus Saiz have up their sleeves (this was only issue #1). Comic books are often like soap operas and have so many twists and surprises, it is hard to keep up.

I'm a big Captain America reader & fan, & you've got to let guys like @nickspencer tell their stories.

Kevin Powers / Via Twitter: @kevinpowers70

On the other side, people are already calling for a boycott of the comics with #SayNoToHydraCap becoming increasingly popular on Twitter.

instead of giving steve rogers a boyfriend they made him a literal nazi, thats cool except that its not

Hunter / Via Twitter: @huntermellas

You know Marvel's anti-queer game is so strong that it'd go to these lengths to make us want to roll back #GiveCaptainAmericaABoyfriend.

Jon Erik Christian / Via Twitter: @HonestlyJon

Marvel Exec: Hey let's celebrate 75yrs of Captain America by making him HYDRA. Brilliant #MarvelDoesntDeserveCap #SayNoToHYDRACap

Anna Simmons / Via Twitter: @aNa_BaNanA_22

everyone: give captain america a boyfriend marvel: we're not going to do that but guess what everyone: what marvel: he's hydra

S / Via Twitter: @angelsofswift

For now, all we can do is play the waiting game and see what Marvel does next.

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