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    Here's Everything You've Seen James Norton In

    I will never get tired of Little Women.

    ICYMI, HBO Max dropped The Nevers on April 11, 2021, and people are kind of freaking out about it.


    The characters, who live in Victorian England, are forever changed after an event that leaves particular people (mostly women) with supernatural abilities.


    Amalia True (Laura Donnelly) and Penance Adair (Ann Skelly), who decide to protect the gifted "orphans," are joined by Hugo Swann, played by James Norton.


    Check out the list below for all our favorite James Norton shows and movies.

    1. The Trial of Christine Keeler

    James Norton in "The Trial of Christine Keeler"
    Keshet International/Endeavor Content

    Christine Keeler (Sophie Cookson) is an English model and a showgirl whose life becomes a scandal when her affairs with Soviet Union naval attaché Yevgeny Ivanov and Secretary of State for War John Profumo are revealed publicly. Norton plays osteopath Stephen Ward.

    2. Little Women

    James Norton in "Little Women"
    Sony Pictures

    In the years surrounding the Civil War, sophisticated Meg, bookish Jo, shy Beth, and creative Amy must navigate love, family, and even life and death as they move from childhood to adulthood. Norton plays John Brooke, a tutor who falls in love with Meg.

    3. Mr. Jones

    James Norton in "Mr. Jones"
    Kino Świat/MMD UA/Signature Entertainment

    Gareth Jones (Norton) is a journalist whose interview with Adolf Hitler has given him some renown. When he's given permission to travel to Moscow in an attempt to interview Stalin, he decides to travel unofficially to Ukraine. There, he discovers empty villages, starvation, and cannibalism, but no one believes him.

    4. Grantchester

    James Norton in Grantchester
    Endemol Shine UK

    Grantchester features Anglican vicar Sidney Chambers (Norton), who begins sleuthing on the side with the help of Inspector Geordie Keating (Robson Green).

    5. Flatliners

    James Norton in "Flatliners"
    Sony Pictures Releasing

    Five medical students (including Norton's Jamie) are obsessed by the idea of an afterlife. They decide to stop their hearts for short periods of time to trigger a near-death experience and allow them to see the afterlife for themselves.

    6. Hampstead

    James Norton in Hampstead
    Entertainment One Films

    Emily, an American widow, and Donald, an Irish loner, both live in the London neighborhood of Hampstead. But when Donald's home is threatened by real estate developers, Emily decides to help. Neither are prepared for romance to blossom. Norton plays Emily's son Philip.

    7. To Walk Invisible

    James Norton in "To Walk Invisible"

    With their father half-blind and their brother spiraling, the Brontë sisters decide to pursue writing and make their own way in the world. Norton plays the Duke of Wellington.

    8. Black Mirror: "Nosedive"

    James Norton in Black Mirror
    Endemol Shine UK/Netflix

    In this episode of Black Mirror, people rate each other from one to five stars, which impacts their socioeconomic status. Lacie (Bryce Dallas Howard) is obsessed with increasing her ratings and is excited when she's chosen to be the maid of honor at her friend's wedding. However, her obsession with five stars leads to a variety of issues...and a decrease in her rating. Norton stars as Lacie's brother Ryan.

    9. War & Peace

    James Norton in War & Peace

    Pierre (Paul Dano), Natasha (Lily James), and Andrei (Norton) look for love, hope, and purpose in 1805 Russia as Napoleon rises to power.

    10. Lady Chatterley's Lover

    James Norton in "Lady Chatterly's Lover"
    BBC One

    In 1920s Britain, Lady Chatterley (Holliday Grainger) no longer enjoys her marriage to Sir Clifford Chatterley (Norton) after he returns from World War I and instead finds company in the estate's gamekeeper Oliver Mellors (Richard Madden).

    11. Happy Valley

    James Norton in "Happy Valley"
    BBC One

    This Yorkshire-based crime drama follows police sergeant Catherine Cawood (Sarah Lancashire) as she navigates her personal and professional life. Norton plays Tommy Lee Royce, a criminal who's been released from prison.

    *Note: This series contains plotlines dealing with rape and suicide.

    12. Cheerful Weather for the Wedding

    James Norton in "Cheerful Weather for the Wedding"
    Universal Pictures

    Dolly's (Felicity Jones) wedding day is interrupted by her old lover Joseph (Luke Treadaway) and she finds herself torn between whether to run away with him or marry her fiancé Owen (Norton).

    13. Death Comes to Pemberley

    James Norton in "Death Comes to Pemberley"
    BBC One

    Six years after the events of Pride and Prejudice, Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth host a ball for their friends and family, including Elizabeth's sister Lydia, her husband Wickham, and their friend Denny. However, Denny is murdered before the trio can arrive. Norton plays Henry, a young lawyer who grows attached to Darcy's sister Georgiana.

    14. Belle

    James Norton in Belle
    Fox Searchlight Pictures

    Belle follows Dido Elizabeth Belle (Gugu Mbatha-Raw), the illegitimate daughter of royal navy captain Sir John Lindsay (Matthew Goode), as she's raised in 1700s England by her great-uncle. Norton plays Oliver Ashford, who finds himself attracted to Dido's wealth and beauty.

    15. Doctor Who: "Cold War"

    James Norton in "Doctor Who"
    BBC Studios

    In "Cold War," the Doctor (Matt Smith) and Clara (Jenna-Louise Coleman) find themselves in 1983, on a Soviet submarine that's sinking because of an Ice Warrior attack. Norton plays Onegin, a soldier on the submarine.

    16. McMafia

    James Norton in "McMafia"
    BBC One / AMC

    Norton stars as Alex Godman, the son of a mafia boss who's trying to break away from organized crime until a murder draws Alex into the criminal underworld.

    Did your favorites make the list? Which one will you watch next? Hash it out in the comments!

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