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    Meet The Cast Of HBO's Newest Hit Series, "The Nevers"

    Yes, that is Jenny from Outlander.

    HBO's newest series, The Nevers, premiered Sunday and apparently had the "best ever original series debut" on HBO Max.

    Which, like, duh. Who doesn't want to watch a series about a bunch of badass Victorian women with superpowers, fighting crime and defying 19th-century stereotypes?

    Warner Media / HBO Max

    The show is STELLAR (if I do say so myself), and the cast is fantastic. Here's a guide to some of the familiar faces on The Nevers you might have seen before.

    Warner Media / HBO Max

    Amalia True is played by Laura Donnelly.

    Warner Media / HBO Max

    She's bold, she's smart, and she's the leader of the "Touched" — a group of people with unexplainable superpowers. She has an incredible ability to see the near future just moments before it happens.

    Her recent roles include Britannia on Hella; Jamie Fraser's fiery sister, Jenny, on Outlander; and Elvina on Beowulf: Return to the Shieldlands.

    The red-headed actor Mary Brighton is portrayed by Eleanor Tomlinson.

    Warner Media / HBO Max

    Most recently, she's appeared in War of the Worlds as Amy, as Demelza in Podark, and opposite Keira Knightley in Colette.

    James Norton plays the promiscuous Hugo Swann.

    Warner Media / HBO Max

    Hugo is the charming, pansexual playboy who clearly lives life to the fullest.

    You probably remember him as John Brooke in the 2019 Little Women remake and as Stephen Ward in The Trial of Christine Keeler.

    Ann Skelly stars as the gentle Penance Adair.

    Warner Media / HBO Max

    Penance is Amalia True's BFF and cofounder of the orphanage where the Touched all live.

    Her recent roles include Ethelfled on Vikings, Beth Winters on Death and Nightingales, and Rachel Reid on Red Rock.

    Viola Prettejohn plays the young, polyglot Myrtle Haplisch.

    Warner Media / HBO Max

    Myrtle is the girl shown at the start of the series whom Amalia and Penance rescue. She speaks in a constant stream of varying languages.

    Her previous roles include Fake Ciri on The Witcher and Young Emily on Counterpart.

    Amy Manson plays the terrifying Maladie.

    She has quite a few movie credits to her name, but you'll probably recognize her as Merida from Once Upon a Time, Medea in Atlantis, or Cathy Gordon in The White Princess.

    Up next, we have Augustus "Augie" Bidlow, played by Tom Riley.

    Maybe you remember him as Will Wagstaffe in Dark Heart? Or Charlie in Ill Behaviour? Or Leonardo da Vinci in Da Vinci's Demons?

    The young Anna Devlin portrays Primrose Chattoway, a girl with a GIANT superpower.

    Warner Media / HBO Max

    Primrose's superpower is that she grew about 10 feet tall after being "touched" and her family kicked her out. She now lives at the orphanage with the other members of "the nevers."

    Her recent film/TV credits include Chantal in Body of Water, Tanya in Kat and the Band, and Aileen Getty in All the Money in the World.

    Augustus Bidlow's sister, Lavinia Bidlow, is portrayed by Olivia Williams.

    Warner Media / HBO Max

    Lavinia is one of society's elite. She uses her wealth for good, though, and funds the orphanage where all of the Touched live.

    Like Viola, she also previously starred in Counterpart as Emily Burton Silk, and as Lady Priscilla Hamilton in The Halcyon.

    Gregg Deguire / WireImage

    The career criminal, Annie "Bonfire" Carbey, is played by Rochelle Neil.

    Warner Media / HBO Max

    Based on the pilot, it seems like Annie is Maladie's powerful sidekick. But with her ability to control fire, it wouldn't be surprising if she became a frontrunner character.

    She is best known for her roles as Cassandra Lloyd in Das Boot and as Yvonne in Guilt.

    Honorable Detective Frank Mundi is played by Ben Chaplin.

    Warner Media / HBO Max

    As of now, all we know about Detective Frank is that he's torn between his obligation to do his job and his seeming desire to protect the Touched.

    You may remember him as the evil Captain Moulle in The Legend of Tarzan, Joel in Mad Dogs, and the Black Knight in The Letter for the King.

    E. Charbonneau / WireImage

    The intelligent Harriet Kaur is played by Kiran Sonia Sawar.

    Warner Media / HBO Max

    Harriet is the aspiring lawyer of the Touched with the ability to turn objects into glass.

    She is known for her role as Farrah Bulfati on Legends, her role as Shereen on Pure, and that one episode of Black Mirror.

    Denis O'Hare plays the deranged surgeon Dr. Edmund Hague.

    Warner Media / HBO Max

    Dr. Hague is a mad scientist/surgeon who is obsessed with finding out the source of the powers of the Touched.

    He is known for his role as Dr. Sevard in Dallas Buyers Club, Albert in Garden State, and Ira Farber on Big Little Lies, as well as various roles in American Horror Story.

    Zackary Momoh plays the kind doctor Horatio Cousens.

    Warner Media / HBO Max

    Horatio is one of the lucky members of "the nevers" whose natural ability as a doctor was only enhanced by being "touched."

    You probably remember him from Harriet as John Tubman, as David Stone in Doctor Sleep, and as Seth Butler in Seven Seconds.

    Gregg Deguire / FilmMagic

    The government character, Lord Gilbert Massen, is played by Pip Torrens.

    Warner Media / HBO Max

    Most likely the villain of the series, Lord Gilbert sees the Touched as a threat.

    Pip was the butler in Pride and Prejudice, Cary Warleggan in Poldark, Doctor Carlisle in The Remains of the Day, and the captain of the HMS Bedford in Tomorrow Never Dies.

    Anthony Harvey / Getty Images

    Elizabeth Berrington portrays the powerful Lucy Best.

    Warner Media / HBO Max

    Although the pilot hasn't yet revealed her superpower, she is clearly wearing gloves for a reason...

    Her past roles include Mrs. Griffiths in Sanditon, Natalie in In Bruges, and Giselle in Naked.

    Dave M. Benett / Getty Images

    Ella Smith plays the famous prostitute and one of the Touched, Désireé Blodgett.

    Her more well-known roles include Liz in Ray & Liz and Mia in Babylon.

    Vinnie Heaven portrays the young thief, Nimble Jack.

    The Nevers is their debut role!

    Declan “Beggar King” Orrun, another criminal, is played by Nick Frost.

    Warner Media / HBO Max

    Declan could also be another villain; he is a crime lord with an innate ability to draw followers.

    Nick is an actor, comedian, and screenwriter. His acting credits include Ed in Shaun of the Dead, Clive Gollings in Paul, and Bajie in Into the Badlands.

    Have you watched The Nevers? Let us know what you think of it in the comments below!

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