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    Yup, James Norton From "The Nevers" Was In That Chaotic "Black Mirror" Episode "Nosedive," And We MUST Talk About It

    I can't believe Hugo Swann was in Black Mirror.

    The Nevers fans have been obsessed with James Norton since the show’s premiere — and, well, it’s not hard to see why.

    James Norton as Hugo Swann in "The Nevers"

    While James plays Hugo Swann in the show, he's also made appearances in several TV shows and movies, including Little Women, Happy Valley, Grantchester, and Things Seen & Heard — which was just released on Netflix.

    James Norton with an unbuttoned, open collar

    But let's get to why we're REALLY here.

    Remember that Black Mirror episode "Nosedive" in Season 3? Bryce Dallas Howard stars as Lacie, who lives in a world where people can rate each other on a scale from 1 to 5 stars.

    Everyone is basically glued to their smartphones the entire time, and you're rated on EVERY. SINGLE. social interaction you have with someone else.

    People standing under a tree and looking at their phones

    Anyway, Lacie lives with her brother, Ryan — who would rather play video games than worry about his social status.

    Lacie at home with her brother Ryan, who plays a video game on the couch, wearing a VR headset

    And if he looks familiar (well, behind that VR headset), it's because he's played by JAMES NORTON himself!!!

    James Norton as Ryan in "Nosedive" with an arrow pointing to him captioned: "That's him!"

    Yup! Before James was a cheeky and wealthy lord in The Nevers...

    James Norton with a cheeky smile as Hugo Swann

    ...he was this carefree, snarky brother who challenged society's norms — and there's a lot to love about him!

    James Norton as the protective brother, Ryan, in "Black Mirror"

    Like, Ryan doesn't really care about his rating.

    Ryan in "Black Mirror" with his ranking on screen: a "3.713"

    And he's one of the few characters who point out the realities of this "perfect" world that's ruled by social status.

    Ryan says, "This whole ranking thing, just comparing yourself to people who only pretend to be happy"

    So while Lacie dedicates 100% of her time to raising her ranking, Ryan looks out for Lacie and wants things between them to go back to normal.

    Nevertheless, they are VERY different from each other and get into some heated disagreements.

    Ryan says, "You're my sister!" and Lacie replies, "Yes! And if you cared about that, maybe you would've noticed living with you hasn't been one big rainbow sandwich for me"

    But it's Black Mirror, so things in Lacie's world still get wild — like Naomi's wedding reception, which descends into CHAOS when Lacie crashes it to raise her ranking — and Lacie doesn't exactly find the happiness she's looking for.

    Lacie at the wedding reception with smeared makeup and a messed-up bridesmaid dress screams as she holds a sharp knife, threatening to behead her childhood toy


    So, hey, if you can't get enough of James Norton, you should probably rewatch "Nosedive" on Netflix and relive the chaos for yourself!

    Ryan stands across from Lacie at home, looking at her skeptically

    The Nevers and Black Mirror fans, you get the best of both worlds!

    James Norton looking classy in "The Nevers" and more casual in "Black Mirror" with the caption "swoon"

    What's your favorite moment from this episode??? Which James Norton role is your fave? Let us know in the comments below!