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    People Are Thirsting Over James Norton In "The Nevers," And, TBH, I Can See Why

    The ROBE though.

    If you've watched The Nevers, there's a chance you might be thirsting over a certain James Norton.

    Why? Oh, no reason...

    ...No reason at all!

    I keep on zoning out and having to rewatch The Nevers... I’m pretty sure it’s just so I can have an excuse to rewatch James Norton’s ass

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    So are we going to talk about James Norton in The Nevers? Or just totally disregard that bed scene and him in that ROBE for real #TheNeversHBO

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    @amablue47 @fenchurchly ladies I’m watching the Nevers and I felt it necessary to inform you that James Norton shows his bum

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    Who could blame them! After all, James has been leading the thirst brigade for quite some time now.

    I, for one, first came across James in War and Peace. A literary king!

    Then there was McMafia, which I'm fairly sure I finished? Or watched most of? Anyway, suit!

    Then there's James in Grandchester, which really speaks for itself.

    And James in Black Mirror, which, erm, wasn't exactly saucy — but still, cool vest?

    Someone get some water!!!