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    People Are Discovering Solange And Destiny's Child Sang "The Proud Family" Theme Song, And It's Hilarious

    Many people did *not* know this.

    The Proud Family was such an iconic show.

    Tommy Davidson, a voice actor on the animation, recently revealed that the series will stream on Disney+ with all-new episodes.

    #TommyDavidson revealed #ProudFamily is coming back. He revealed it will be on #DisneyPlus streaming app.

    The possibility of a reboot — Disney+ has yet to confirm the news — got me thinking about the show's iconic theme song:

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    Talk about a bop!

    But did you know that the intro was actually sung by Solange Knowles and Destiny's Child? 🤔

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    You probably did not.

    It's OK if you didn't. Most fans are just now realizing it, long after the show ended:

    I honestly never knew Solange was behind the vocals of The Proud Family theme song

    I never knew destinys child and solange sung the proud family theme song im SO late

    For some, discovering such an important Snapple Fact so late in life came with disappointment:

    I swear I've been a Beyoncé fan since destiny child days!And I NEVER knew that was them and solange singing proud family.I'm so disappointed

    However, the Knowles sisters involvement did explain why the theme song has remained a classic:

    Still, it was mind-blowing when fans learned who the vocals belonged to:

    So tell us, and be honest, did YOU know who sang The Proud Family theme song? 👀