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    26 Reasons "The Proud Family" Was Awesome

    So many laughs. So many warm and fuzzies.

    1. It had the best theme song.

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    Performed by Destiny's Child and Solange Knowles!

    2. It starred the loveably awkward Penny Proud...

    ...who was dealing with the trials and tribulations of high school...

    ...LIKE A BAWSE.

    3. The show was full of so many unique characters. Like, Penny's friend Dijonay Jones.

    4. AKA the bold and hilarious high schooler you wish you were.

    5. AKA your hair inspiration.

    6. Also, while we're on the topic of loveably strange characters, there's Penny's grandma...

    7. And the Gross sisters. They aren't actually that weird (your average high school bullies) but why were they blue??

    8. And of course, Oscar Proud, Penny's embarrassing but loving dad.

    9. Don't forget all the awesome guest stars! Like that time Al Roker appeared as an evil wish-granting genie.

    10. Shia LaBeouf made a guest appearance as Penny's classmate.

    11. Not quite a guest appearance but there was also that time when The Proud Family and Recess did a mix with Lilo and Stitch.

    12. Mos Def played, what else, a judge at a spoken word contest.

    13. Mariah Carey stopped by to get her pet monkey checked out by Dr. Trudy.

    14. Lou Rawls stopped by and played his smooth self.

    15. Oh and that time Omarion guest starred as "15 Cents".

    16. The show has so many musical moment gems!

    17. And so many dance gems.

    18. ...including the best dance battle in animation history. WERK.

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    From The Proud Family Movie

    AKA the time we learned Zoey could twerk.

    19. The show hit on a lot of topics, like Penny's struggle to understand her heritage.

    20. There were many stories about the angst of being a teenage girl.

    21. The difficulties of class differences in friendships.

    22. It also featured the struggles of minor characters like Michael.

    23. And had some pretty zany plots too. Like that time Penny gets sucked into EZ Zapster (AKA Napster).

    24. But at the end of the day, the show was about family. The family you build...

    25. ...and the family you are happy you got stuck with.

    26. "Even when you start acting like a fool. You know I'm loving every single thing you do."