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    It's Official: Nick Jonas's "Bachelor Party" Sketch On "SNL" Lives In My Head Rent-Free

    "I love getting hard with my homies."

    Ah, Saturday Night Live, the one place celebs can go and let their comedic chops — and freak flags — truly fly.


    Such was the case when Nick Jonas hosted this week and appeared in a musical skit about bachelor parties — singing about best friends who get boners while watching strippers dance.

    Nick Jonas speaking during the opening to SNL
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    In the clip, Nick portrays one of the (many) men attending his best friend's bachelor party, but things quickly take a turn when they all break out into a song about how much they "love" bonding over their mutual erections.

    Nick sings "I love getting hard with my homies. Bones up next to my pals"
    NBC / Via

    Can you say homoerotic, lolol.

    It was Nick fully committing to the act and singing so passionately for me 😂.

    Nick sings, "You only get one bachelor party, might as well spend it aroused"
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    Beck Bennett and Bowen Yang also delivered noteworthy performances as boner-loving men, and the whole thing is simply comedy gold.

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    I mean, this sketch has to be Emmy nominated, amirite?

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    See you at the Emmys, boys.

    I won't spoil anything — you can watch the full skit ahead — but the ending definitely doesn't fall flat (pun intended).


    Elsewhere, Nick revealed that the previous host, Bridgerton's Regé-Jean Page, continued Dan Levy's new SNL tradition by leaving him a note of luck.

    Instagram / @nickjonas / Via Instagram: @nickjonas

    Here's to hoping Nick did the same for Maya Rudolph, who will be hosting when the show returns on March 27.

    Watch the full "Bachelor Party" skit ahead:

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