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Here Are The Ages Of The "Bridgerton" Cast On The Show Vs. In Real Life

In case you were wondering.

I'm not going to lie, it's kind of hard to nail down EXACTLY how old each character in Bridgerton is. But based on a combo of what we know from the show and the handy dandy official Bridgerton family tree, I've tried my best to be as precise as possible. Please don't yell at me if I'm a year or two off. Anyway, here's the info you came for:

1. In the show, Anthony Bridgerton is 30.

In real life, Jonathan Bailey is 35.

Rocking a suit, Jonathan posing for photographers on the red carpet

2. In the show, Kate Sharma is 26.

In real life, Simone Ashley is 28.

3. In the show, Penelope Featherington is 18.

In real life, Nicola Coughlan is 36.

4. In the show, Eloise Bridgerton is 18.

A closeup of Eloise

In real life, Claudia Jessie is 33.

5. In the show, Benedict Bridgerton is 28.

A closeup of Benedict painting

In real life, Luke Thompson is 34.

Luke posing in a casual jacket at an event

6. In the show, Edwina Sharma is around 20.

A closeup of Edwina in a formal dress and opera gloves

In real life, Charithra Chandran is 26.

A closeup of Charithra at a red carpet event

7. In the show, Hyacinth Bridgerton is 11.

In real life, Florence Hunt is 16.

A closeup of Florence smiling

8. In the show, Daphne Bridgerton/Basset is 22.

Daphne sitting in a living room

In real life, Phoebe Dynevor is 28.

Phoebe smiling on the red carpet

9. In the show, Lady Violet Bridgerton is 48.

A closeup of Lady Bridgerton standing with her family

In real life, Ruth Gemmel is 55.

Ruth smiling at a red carpet event

10. In the show, Marina Thompson is 18.

Marina rocking a tiara at a ball

In real life, Ruby Barker is 26.

Ruby posing in spaghetti-strap dress on the red carpet

11. In the show/according to the books, Lady Danbury is anywhere between 60–70.

In real life, Adjoa Andoh is 60.

a closeup of Adjoa smiling

12. In the show, Colin Bridgerton is 23.

A closeup of Colin looking off-screen

In real life, Luke Newton is 30.

Luke in a shirt and blazer at a red carpet event

13. In the show/according to history, Queen Charlotte is 70.

Queen Charlotte sitting on a ornate chair looking regal with a sky-high wig

In real life, Golda Rosheuvel is 53.

Golda rocking a gorgeous afro on the red carpet as she poses for photographers

14. In the show, Lady Portia Featherington is probably in her 40s.

Lady Featherington holding a tea cup as she looks offscreen

In real life, Polly Walker is 56.

A closeup of Polly at an event

15. In the show, Prudence Featherington is 22ish.

Prudence with her arms folded as she looks very cross

In real life, Bessie Carter is 29.

Bessie smiling at an event as she rocks a floral-print dress

16. In the show, Cressida Cowper is probably around 22 as well.

Cressida dancing with a man at the ball

In real life, Jessica Madsen is 31.

Jessica wearing a leopard-print pantsuit on the red carpet

17. In the show, Mary Sharma is probably in her early 40s.

Mary sitting on a chair while petting a corgi sitting on her lap

In real life, Shelley Conn is 46.

A closeup of Shelley smiling

18. In the show, Gregory Bridgerton is 13.

Gregory sitting on a chair with a book with in his hands

In real life, Will Tilston is 16.

A closeup of Will

19. In the show, Lord Jack Featherington is "not old," whatever that means! I truly have no idea how old he's supposed to be...if you know, please tell me!

Lord Featherington smiling

In real life, Rupert Young is 45.

Rupert posing for a photo at an event

20. And finally, on the show, Newton is timeless.

Newton sitting comfortably next to Kate Sharma on a set of luxurious steps

In real life, Austin is 9 years old and a real good boy.