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    Will There Be A "Queen Charlotte" Season 2? Here's What We Know

    One thing is for sure: We need more Brimsley and Reynolds.

    I have to admit, when Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story was first announced as a Bridgerton spin-off, I was skeptical.

    Older Charlotte and George stand looking at each other while holding hands

    Boy, was I wrong. Because not only was Queen Charlotte incredible — no offense to Bridgerton, but I liked it even more — it now feels like one season just isn't enough.

    Yong Charlotte and George stand holding hands and smiling at each other dressed in formalwear

    So, what's happening with a potential Queen Charlotte Season 2? Here's everything we know so far...

    1. There's been no official renewal, and it doesn't look like a second season of Queen Charlotte will happen any time soon— but all hope is not lost.

    Young Charlotte stands in front of a large painting

    2. All told, it's increasingly unlikely that we'll get more Queen Charlotte episodes in its current form, but the door is still open to return to the pre-Bridgerton years with these characters.

    3. The cast are keen to return.

    Young Agatha wears a bright outfit and sits in a blooming garden

    4. There is DEFINITELY more story to explore.

    5. There's always the option of turning the show into an anthology.

    Young Violet sits on the ground wearing a paper crown and reading

    6. Hugh Sachs (older Brimsley) confirmed that Reynolds is indeed still alive during the Bridgerton years even though they aren't together, and I think I speak for everyone when I say we'd be SEATED for the rest of their story.

    Brimsley and Reynolds stand side by side holding hands and looking at each other

    7. The main characters will definitely continue to appear in Bridgerton.

    Older Brimsley stands looking at older Charlotte, who is sitting down

    8. Some of the smaller unresolved plotlines from the end of Queen Charlotte will continue to be explored in the flagship series.

    9. And finally, one thing is for sure: We'll be obsessively checking for updates.

    George and Charlotte stand in front of a crowd at a ball holding up drinks to toast

    What would you hope to see in a Queen Charlotte Season 2? Tell us everything in the comments below!