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    Jason Momoa Posted Shirtless Photos Of Himself Covered In Mud, And Somehow It's Still A Thirst Trap

    Because we deserve nice things, that's why.

    Do I even need to introduce Jason Momoa?

    Kevin Winter / Getty Images

    In between being a walking sex god, husband, and dad, he still finds time to act, model, and do philanthropy work for the environment.

    Kevin Winter / Getty Images

    We love to see it.

    When he's not doing all of those things, Jason is posting on Instagram. And yesterday, he gave us all a special treat when he shared shirtless muddy photos of himself after riding on a dune buggy.

    "Hard to explain this one, but I had an amazing day," he captioned the pics of himself getting hosed down by someone whose job I would literally die for.

    Jason Momoa shirtless and his pants covered in mud
    Jason Momoa / Via

    No really, where do I apply? 🤔

    "Now I need a dune buggy. Dune coming soon," he added.

    Jason Momoa standing on the side of a dune buggy
    Jason Momoa / Via Instagram: @prideofgypsies

    Although the actor said his muddy look resembled a pig covered in poop, I would have to respectfully disagree.

    What Jason sees...

    A group of pigs wallowing in mud
    Carlos Lopez-barillas / Getty Images

    ...versus what I see:

    Warner Bros. Pictures

    Because only a sex god could make being covered in mud look hot, amirite?

    The people in his comments agreed.

    Commentor who wrote, "God, you're so beautiful!"
    Jason Momoa / Via


    Commentor who wrote, "Well this is straight porn"
    Jason Momoa / Via

    Truly, after everything we've experienced this year, we deserve to have nice things.

    Commentor who wrote, "Thank you for being the only good part of my 2020"
    Jason Momoa / Via

    Mostly though, we all just wanted to know how to get a job as the person who hoses down Aquaman:

    Commentor who wrote, "How does one get a job of hosing you down?"
    Jason Momoa / Via

    The thirst was real. And very, very valid.

    Thank you, Jason. As always, you are appreciated.


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