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I'd Like To Direct Your Attention To Jason Momoa And Lisa Bonet At The Golden Globes

I would like to be adopted, please.

Obviously, when I saw photos of Jason Momoa and Lisa Bonet on the red carpet, I freaked out all over.

I mean, look at them!!!!

This much beauty should not be allowed in one couple; it's just not fair.

Don't even get me started on Jason once the show got started. And here I thought the suit was the best thing I was gonna see tonight!

If it wasn't obvious from my fangirling, I definitely paid attention when it was his turn to present. But, little did I know that with him would be Zoë Kravitz!!!!!

I bet you're thinking to yourself, this girl needs to get a life. Why is she excited about people she doesn't even know? Honestly, I don't know what to tell ya. I just am!!

Stepfather and stepdaughter: The dynamic duo I didn't know I needed!

Anyway, I just sent my adoption papers in so I am all ready to join this family.