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    These Are The Hottest Wedding Trends, According To Pinterest

    Move over, mason jars.

    The warmer months are upon us, which means wedding season is just about to get started. Pinterest, aka the online hub of wedding planning, got in on the fun and rounded up its top trending wedding picks.

    Here are some of the most creative and exciting ones:

    1. Drip cakes.

    Petra Veikkola Photography / Via

    Unlike the rustic naked cake, ones with lustrous trails of caramel or icing are actually as delicious as they look. According to Pinterest, pins about drip cakes are up by 437% from 2016.

    2. Off-the-shoulder wedding dresses.

    Jesse Leake / Via

    Literally every shirt in stores right now is off-the-shoulder, and the trend has trickled down to wedding dresses, too! Luckily, those dresses can look really stunning, even if you're not Samira Wiley.

    3. Brunch weddings.

    The Reason / Via

    Literally who wouldn't want to eat waffles and pancakes at a wedding? Brunch weddings have great food and a casual vibe, so it's a good thing the wedding world at large is finally catching on to them.

    4. Brides rocking their natural hair.

    From The Hip Photo / Via

    Feeling comfortable, beautiful, and like yourself is key for your wedding day, so yeah, this is a trend that can stick around for a while. Get more inspiration here and here.

    5. Simple, elegant greenery details.

    Stehlik Photography / Via

    No, not that kind of wedding greenery. This kind is fresh, beautiful, and way cheaper than shelling out for over-the-top floral arrangements. Pins about greenery for weddings have increased by 300% since last year!

    6. Dusty rose in literally every detail.

    Antiquaria / Via


    7. Printed bridesmaid dresses.

    Reformation / Via

    Like Laura Ashley, but for the 21st century. And the trend is up 50% from last year!

    8. Personalized drink stations.

    The Melideos!prettyPhoto[1]/ / Via

    A DIY drink station made out of reclaimed wood is a hipster couple's literal dream come true.

    9. Tasty, budget-friendly taco bars.

    Blaine + Bethany Photography / Via

    Tacos = romance. Always.

    10. Grooms in dashing blue suits.

    Pat Furey Photo / Via

    Whoever said blue suits were the new black suits was seriously inspired.

    11. Big, high-fashion statement earrings.

    The Lane / Via

    It's 2017 and baby, you're alive. Go big or go home.

    12. Romantic fall weddings.

    Joey Kennedy Photography / Via

    The formerly underrated wedding season is now making the big times — fall wedding pins are up by 280% since last year.

    13. Outdoor weddings in the mountains.

    April O'Hare Photography / Via

    Outdoor weddings are classic; sending them into the mountains takes them to gorgeous new heights.

    14. Cocktail hours with food and drink pairings.

    Olivia Leigh Photographie / Via

    Sliders and mini beer steins? Oysters and champagne? Yes, please.

    For more ~inspo~, check out Pinterest's full 2017 Wedding Report.