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    29 Times This Star Baker Proved She's The Queen Of OMG Cakes

    Bow down to this Sydney schoolteacher turned Instagram star.

    1. This is Katherine Sabbath.

    2. She makes amazing cakes.

    3. Magnificently detailed creations.

    4. She's a proud Aussie, born to a Vietnamese mother and German father.

    5. Almost two years ago she discovered Instagram.

    6. Today she has more than 200k followers.

    7. And she's had a very good year. "2015 has been the year I learnt to say yes", Sabbath told BuzzFeed.

    8. She used to be a teacher...

    9. She has a STRONG brand!

    10. Very strong.

    11. And a very striking personal aesthetic.

    12. And not much room in her fridge for food.

    14. Though who needs food when you have these in your fridge!!!

    15. Katherine Sabbath makes incredible cakes.

    18. Cakes.

    19. So where does the inspiration come from? “I think it comes down to my love of Goosebumps in Year 5," says Sabbath.

    20. Inspired by some of her favourite things.

    21. Inspired by the seasons.

    22. Always pushing the envelope.

    23. And she has LOTS of fans!

    24. Some of whom are REALLY crazy for her.

    25. YEP TATTOOED!!!

    26. Like why not, these are beautiful.

    27. All of whom are inspired by her.

    28. She does lots of classes.

    To give her fans more ways to connect, Sabbath recently launched a website and Facebook page.

    29. Slay Katherine, slay.