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17 Wedding Cakes That Got Completely ~Naked~

Warning: Extremely Safe For Work.


2. So bold. So bare.

3. Have you no shame, naked cake?

4. So much mystery between those layers.

5. I can't look away.

6. Out in the open! So daring!

7. Aren't you cold, naked cake?

8. No — nothing fazes you, naked cake.

9. You are brave in the face of adversity.

10. You have zero time for the pressure of societal standards.

11. Who needs frosting when you already look this damn fine?

12. Let them talk, naked cake.

13. They can say what they please.

14. You're starting your own damn cake revolution.

15. "FREE THE CAKE!" you say.

16. The time is now!

17. Bless you, naked cake. For giving us the courage to love ourselves ... just the way we are.