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17 Flawless Brides Rocking Their Natural Hair

'"I feel most beautiful and comfortable when I wear my natural hair."

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1. This simple, yet gorgeous updo.

Instagram: @hope347

"I've been natural for almost three years. I decided to rock my own natural hair with no added hair or clips-in because I just wanted to not feel fake. I wanted to look back at my wedding pictures and be able to say Yes! That is my hair and it is beautiful! I was discouraged from rocking my own natural hair and to be honest it didn't surprise me. I am truly so happy that I made the right decision with just rocking my own natural hair on my wedding day!"

– @hope347

2. This stunning bride. / Via

"I wanted to look like me, on the most important day, my wedding day."

– @halfietruths

3. This queen and her braided crown.

Instagram: @tonya

"I've been natural for 6 years. It is who I am and I wanted my wedding day look to be reflective of the woman I've grown into. As frugal lifestyle bIogger I planned to do my own hair to cut costs. My first hairstyle didn't work out so my sister and I did my hair the day of the wedding. That's the thing with natural hair, you always have a back up plan in case your original concept doesn't pan out."

– @tonya.rapley

4. This picture perfect beauty.

Instagram: @styleskinny

"I've been natural for over 5 years, and getting married wasn't a reason to relax it. Now, if you asked me why I didn't wear it blown out and straightened, well that is because I wanted to look like myself for my husband and family. I wanted to look like and be remembered as ME!"

– @styleskinny

5. This glowing bride.

Instagram: @honiilols

"I started the natural hair journey last year and having a weave for my wedding would have made me feel a hypocrite sort of, untrue to my conviction of living without relaxer."

– @honiilols

6. Perfection!

Instagram: @amanda2saint

"I chose to style my natural hair for my wedding because a lot of people thought it wouldn't look good enough and that such an important day required weave because my texture wasn't proper for a wedding. But I believe my natural hair and its texture is beautiful enough, good enough and very versatile. I also want my future kids to see that natural hair is good hair and can look beautiful in any setting especially on the best day of your life."

– @amanda2saint

7. Gone with the wind fabulous.

Instagram: @jackeesworld

"My husband loves my natural hair, the only request he had for our whole wedding is that I wear my hair natural. That's one of the reasons why I fell in love with him because he genuinely loves me for me."

– @jackeesworld

8. Smiles all round.

"After finally growing out my TWA and learning to fully embrace my natural hair, there was no way I wasn't going to make the most of my curls on my big day. I wanted something simple, elegant and timeless, and my hair stylist Malkia Roberts was the perfect person to bring my vision to life."

– @iamtamanda

9. This super cute tiny weeny afro.

Instagram: @tashathefox

"I wanted to feel as close to the woman that my husband knows and sees everyday, with a little bit of sass. I've never had weave or really long hair so I didn't want to experiment with it on my wedding day."

– @tashathefo

10. This vision.

Instagram: @lifeofalyra

"I feel most beautiful and comfortable when I wear my natural hair. On my wedding day, I made sure to embrace who I was and what makes me, me. Plus my husband loves my natural hair so it was only right."

– @lifeofalyra

11. This splash of colour.

"Wearing braids and my natural hair on my wedding day was the easiest choice I made. I had my big chop in 2012 and knew right away I wanted my hair looking 100% natural for my wedding. I also wanted something very vibrant to go hand in hand with my crazy self, hence the red colour."

– @kehindeadeyemii

12. This babe.

Instagram: @cherryl

"I opted for a natural look because I wanted something different and not the conventional weave. I wear weave a lot and wanted my wedding look to be different from my everyday look. It also gave me the opportunity to showcase my African heritage. Everyone loved it and couldn't stop admiring my hair."

– @cherryl.03

13. These popping curls.

"I wear my natural hair 95% of the time so I knew that was the route I'd go with. Plus, look at my natural hair it's versatile and beautiful. How could you not love it."

– @aglam03

14. Just beautiful!

Instagram: @alex_elle

"I chose to rock my natural hair for my wedding day because I rock it daily. It makes the most sense to show up at the altar my fullest and truest self. "

– @alex_elle

15. This bride having the time of her life.

Instagram: @veronicamarche / Via Terri Baskin Photography

"I've been natural for almost 15 years when I got married last August, and my now-husband has always been a fan of my natural hair. A few people asked if I would straighten my hair for the wedding, but the decision was always a no-brainer. My husband and I planned our wedding to be a fun and joyful event with lots of music and dancing; keeping my hair fluffy and free was the perfect choice for such a special day."

– @veronicamarche

16. Queen!

Instagram: @iamtraeh

"I'm in love with my natural hair. My hair is part of who I am and what I represent as a black woman. I chose to embrace it and take pride in my big, kinky and frizzy hair, because it's me."

– @iamtraeh

17. Crown and glory.

Instagram: @luminoushi

"My natural hair is my crown. It reminds me that everything I have comes from my roots. All of my knowledge, my ability to get an education, my style, my positive influential state of mind, everything. I also wanted to inspire more women to be strong in who they are regardless of their decisions. Through the entire planning process everyone kept asking me if I was going to wear a veil or crown and I kept telling them no. It seemed like everyone was much more nervous than I was to wear my hair in an afro. It empowers me and it encourages me. It's not simply hair on my head it's the journey that is involved with it."

– @luminoushi